sunday, july 3, 2022


Marlon Escalona

Kaizen City Night Legends will challenge Latin America

#eSports Kaizen City Night Legends will have tournaments for Guilty Gear Strive, Mortal Kombat 11, King Of Fighters XV, Street Fighter 5 and more...

The “Icons Global Championship 2022” Wild Rift world tournament begins

STMN Esports and Furios Gaming will represent Latin America in the Play-IN phase of the Icons Global Championship

Arvoinen will represent Venezuela in the Wild Rift World Tournament

Arvoinen and his team recognize that what awaits them will be an unforgettable experience,

Spiritual Rift Series begins registration for its Closing Tournament

32 national teams will have the opportunity to register until June 21.

«Garu» is the new signing of PRO42 for Super Smash Bros

With this signing, the team seeks to diversify in the national competitive scene.

LGA Play will bring Venezuela to the international competitive scene

The organization seeks to support young talent with their career in eSports.

PRO42 is the champion team of the Spiritual Rift Series

The team is now preparing for the next closing event organized by LGA Play.

Axex Academy reaches eSports with its new team

The video game academy also supports Gamers with courses and professional training.

FvF eSports says goodbye to the FIFAe Nation Series 2022

They say goodbye this year, but will continue training for future tournaments.

KFC Gaming arrived in Venezuela to promote eSports in the country

Colonel Sanders will support Venezuelan Gamers with logistics, tournaments, sponsorships and many more surprises to come.

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