Saturday, July 2, 2022


Moses Calderon

Caracas was reinforced with another pair of Africans

Christian Egbutudike and Ernest Lawal arrive from Nigerian football

Juanpi wants to help Caracas out of the crisis

The new "10" of Avilanians will exercise leadership in the area of ​​creative midfielders

Covea will carry the «10» with Rosario Central

The man from Caracas seeks to gain the trust of his coaching staff

Caracas fails to get out of the crisis and sinks in the table

The people from the capital have the second worst record of goals in favor of the tournament with 14 goals in 17 duels

Vinícius Jr. one step away from renewal with Madrid

The Brazilian will enjoy a salary increase and the increase in the termination clause

Nationals seek contract in foreign soccer

Salomón Rondón aims to leave English Everton after a gray season and for oblivion

32 countries will seek glory in Qatar

Argentina and Brazil go for the consecration of the "lost glory" for South American football

Zamora continues to rise and approaches the lead

Sanvicente has returned the competitive rhythm to a squad that needed a football resurgence

France witnessed that Vinotinto has a future

Fernando Batista is the guide of the litter of players who will fight for a place in the 2024 Olympic Games

Caracas still does not find the path of victory

Avilanians add four games in a row without winning in the local tournament

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