saturday, march 25, 2023


Ivan Roa

Jaramillo recovers from the shot

The Venezuelan champion could be back in action in a relatively short time

Rich Strike punting on American horse racing

The colt has a production of 1.977.500 dollars, thanks to a win and two thirds

Capriles and Pocho Lugo for leadership among riders

Both have four mounts for this Sunday in the oval of La Rinconada

Fernando José García key in Valencia with 6 mounts

The experienced rider performs on the racetrack

In a meeting they fine-tune details for the 2022 Equestrian Series

The Caribbean Equestrian Confederation and the highest authority of the INH discussed various issues

Duel in horse racing when Ricardo Pinto dies

The Valencia Hippodrome was one of the best venues where the coach wore

Papa Pedro handsome and grew up in the two miles

It is projected as the best mature of the 2022 season in the Caracas arena

Paz Rodríguez: We trust Venezuela to organize the Equestrian Series

The president of the Caribbean Equestrian Confederation arrived in Venezuela this Saturday

Sonny León: the winningest Venezuelan in the first semester

Venezuelan jockeys maintain notable campaign in US horse racing

Sonny Leon Honored at Thistledown Oval

They celebrated the feat achieved by winning this year's Kentucky Derby

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