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Yadier Molina makes history in the Majors

The Puerto Rican became the sixth receiver with the most hits

for this saturday Yadier Molina he became the sixth most-hitting catcher in the St. Louis Cardinals' 4-0 victory over the San Francisco Giants.

In Molina's account he registers 2.128 hits, surpassing Mike Piazza. In addition, in the shutout of San Luis, the mask hit the extra base 582 of his career and rose to 13th place all time among catchers in the Major Leagues.

The Cardinals posted their fourth shutout of the season.

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Molina hit a double and a single, in addition to scoring a run. The Puerto Rican opened the second act with a double that crashed the ball against the crest of the fence, between right and center field.

Venezuelan numbers

For the Giants, Venezuelan Wilmer Flores went 1-1.

For the Cardinals, Juan Yepez 3-0.


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