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These are the best in the NBA in the middle of the season

NBA teams have had to reinvent themselves to get through a season that has been affected by covid outbreaks, which has led to a record number of players adding minutes on the court.

Now when the season is close to completing 50% of its games, we present you the best players.

If the season ends this weekend, Giannis Antetokoumpo, DeMar DeRozan and Stephen Curry would be the main candidates to opt for the MVP.

DeRozan and Curry would be the favorites after leading the teams with the best records in the league.

defensive player

The dispute would have Draymond Green, Antetokoumpo and Rudy Gobert, although Jrue Holiday and Matisse Thybulle have made merits to be included in this list.

Green (Golden State Warriors) líder from one of the best defenses in the NBA, he would be the favorite for this distinction.

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sixth man

One of the most important jobs in the NBA, being the oxygen of the bench and Tyler Herro, Carmelo Anthony and Jordan Clarkson have been the most outstanding of the season in this role.

But Herro has an advantage against this group, thanks to his offensive record of at least 11 games with 25 or more points.

Coach of the year

The best strategies have been in charge of JB Bickerstaff of the Cavaliers, Billy Donovan of the Bulls and Steve Kerr of the Warriors.

Although Bickerstaff is the surprise because he has guided a team in renewal and now aspires to continue in playoff positions.

Rookie of the Year

Evan Mobley of the Cavs, Cade Cunningham of the Pistons and Jalen Green of the Rockets, are the most outstanding during their first year in the best basketball in the world.

Mobley so far would be the favourite, as he has shown maturity and is líder of a team that has become a candidate for the postseason.

It should be noted that the NBA season has little more than half left and new names could appear at the end.

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