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New York needs a new World Series

Enjoy a new installment of "Complete Account" by Victor Boccone

Thirty-six years have passed since the last time the Mets
of New York celebrated a title in the Major League World Series
Suspenders. Thirteen have been the years that have passed since the last time
that Frank Sinatra's 'New York, New York' was heard on
Yankee Stadium loudspeakers announcing a new
championship for the 'Bombardiers' in the best baseball in the world.
Well, it's about time that one of the most important states for
the North American ball celebrates again in a big way.
Between 2016 and 2018 we witnessed the fervor that day after day in
the middle of a baseball season shows the fans
New Yorker on the streets. On the sides of the Bronx, one of each
five people carry some Yankees attire with them,
representing for them an authentic lifestyle. "In the
baseball season I only exist for my wife and the Yankees."
one of the many fans of the team reminded us once
stripes. Attending the so-called 'Baseball Cathedral' becomes a
sort of religious commandment for those who follow the Yankees.
Every day, especially on Sundays, station 161 of the subway
of New York becomes a congregation where prevails
the striped uniform, because faithful to their ideology and above all to the
fanaticism flock to the 'Monte Sacro' to await a triumph for their
gladiators on the ground.
Across town in Queens they gamble every year
those entourages hoping to see the New York Mets again
win a championship. Take Line 7 that takes you to
Flushing Corona Meadow Park, site of Citi Field, is
a real adventure. From Grand Central Station to the
blue and orange team quarters one can surround oneself with thousands
of fans who never lose hope because the miracle happens.
Now this 2022 could be the year that New York returns
to cheer the name of his team in a World Series. So much
Yankees and Mets finished as líderis from their respective
divisions, in the month of April. The good baseball that we have seen from these two teams is something that should be rewarded at the end of the season.
That 19-9 record positions the Mets as the team to beat.
in these first of change and, to show the comeback of the
Thursday when they lost 7-1 against Philadelphia and in the ninth
episode they manufactured a rally to win 8-7.
Steve Cohen, owner of the metropolitans focused on
form an airtight team; especially in pitching, a
authentic 'Achilles' heel' for those from Queens, who have
begun to taste the success of the hand of Max Scherzer, who
has been a kind of Messiah for this set with numbers
stratospheric at 37 years of age.
'Mad Max' as Scherzer is nicknamed in baseball has not known
defeat in his last 23 appearances and with the Mets he records
four wins, plus a 2.61 ERA with 42 strikeouts
in 31 innings pitched.
The Yankees have not been left behind either and the team he leads
Aaron Boone has begun to respond almost perfectly since
very early. The effectiveness of those from the Bronx is ranked as the 2nd
best in the Majors (2.60); at the same time that they are 5th in batting
collective with a .248 average, thus demonstrating that they are ready
to return to being that franchise capable of lifting the crown No. 28
in its MLB history since 1903.
Meanwhile, on the streets of New York, we can enjoy
every corner that smile of the fans every time they read in the
main headlines that their teams are measuring up.
Gone are the cloudy and anguished days in New York. The
The only hope that reigns, for the moment, is to see in October
one of the two representatives of the city lift the trophy and,
again, bathe in glory in that concrete jungle.

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