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Last Round: The Finals will define the Top 1 of Tekken 7

The national tournament will bring together the top 8 of the best Tekken 7 players in Venezuela this August 6.

After four qualifying events, this coming August 6th comes “Last Round: The Finals”, the closing of the most important Tekken 7 competitive circuit in the country, which has brought together more than 70 players from all over the national territory of this fighting game during the last months of 2021 and this year 2022.

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Tekken is a fighting video game saga that has become one of the most popular in history and one of the greatest exponents of its genre. Developed by Namco in 1994, its first title was for arcade machines, but thanks to its enormous success, it became an exclusive PlayStation game, until 2001 when it expanded its market to reach other platforms.

In Venezuela it is one of the most played and loved video games by gamers. Since its launch, it has gathered a growing community of competitive players who have excelled in various international events such as the IeSF Tournament in 2021 and the TXT 2018 with the player “Fuko La Muerte” always in the lead.

Who will face off in “Último Round: The Finals”?

The Last Round: The Finals, will bring together the top 8 of the best Tekken 7 players who qualified during four national events, they are: Rafael Yanes "Fuko La Muerte", Oscar Azuaje "Le Mostré", Arael Torrealba "Dechaino" , Heberth Chacón “Light”, Ho Min Lee “Ho Min”, Javier Osorio “Javi-Tag”, Gregorio Caldeira “Kumapower” and Juan Manuel Abreu “M1sterFury”. One of them will be recognized as the best in the country, in addition to receiving important cash prizes and others from the sponsors.

In this event, produced by LGA Play, organized by the renowned player Gabriel Pezzi "PezziManTK" and sponsored by KFC, the eight qualifiers will face each other in direct and face-to-face confrontations in the new gamer venue in Caracas, "Streamer Arena Esports", located in the Millennium Mall in Los Dos Caminos. Starting at 11am this coming Saturday, August 6, public access will be completely free, although with limited capacity.

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With this event, new spaces and entertainment options continue to be opened in the capital city for the young and gamer audience. The growth of the electronic sports industry continues to be promoted, a new niche that, although it is just beginning in Venezuela, produces profits of billions worldwide.


  1. A long-awaited event for the entire community of players, both new and veteran, from all over the country. grateful for the support that esports are currently having in the country,

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