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Homophobia and how difficult it is to be homosexual

Coral Gables, Florida. (VIP-WIRE) .- "A homophobic is a frustrated homosexual ”… Dick Secades.- If the coronavirus allows it, this column will turn 60 years of providing daily service, from Monday to Sunday, in October.- 

Question of the week.- During this April, no one will hit a home run in the Major Leagues, not even in the minors. But two Latin American natives are among the 26 that have hit the most home runs this month. Can you identify them?

 The answer.- Thanks to my friends from “Yardbarker”…: Albert Pujols, Dominican, Cardinals, 14 homers in 2006; and Vinicio Castilla, Mexican, Rockies, 11, 1998. The other homers for April…: Alex Rodríguez, Yankees, 14, 2007; Ken Griffey Jr., Mariners, 13, 1997; Luis González, Diamondbacks, 13, 2001; Matt Kemp, Dodgers, 12, 2013; Justin Upton, Braves, 12, 2013; Willie Stargell, Pirates, 11, 1971; Graig Nettles, Yankees, 11, 1974; Mike Schmidt, Phillies, 11, 1976; Braddy Anderson, Orioles, 11, 1996; Barry Bonds, Giants, 11, 1996; Gary Sheffield, Marlins, 11, 1996; Mark McGwire, Athletics, 11, 1997; Larry Walker, Rockies, 11, 1997; Ken Griffey Jr., Sailors, 11, 1998; Mark McGwire, Cardinals, 11, 1998; Jermaine Day, Royals, 11, 2000; Barry Bonds, Giants, 11, 2001; Larry Walker, Rockies, 11, 2001; Jonny Gomes, Rays, 11, 2006; Chase Utley, Phillies, 11, 2008; Paúl Kornerko, White Sox, 11, 2010; Eric Thames, Brewers, 11, 2017; Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals, 11, 2017; Eddi Rosario, Twins, 11, 2019. Pushes truck to be in shape.- The way the barquisimetano trains, Manny Piña, catcher of the Brewers, has surprised many. Piña, 33 years old on June XNUMX, appears in a video pushing a van down a lonely avenue. Manny has played in six major league seasons. A good example for youngsters ...                  

 -oooo-                  “If you could choose to be gay or straight, we would all be straight. Nobody wants to suffer what homosexuals suffer ”… Joseph McKadew.- -

OOO- Between rightfielders see yourself.- I have been lucky enough to see extraordinary rightfielders, such as Roberto Clemente, Dave Parker, André Dawson, Frank Róbinson, Dave Winfield. And one who has just died at the age of 85, Al Kaline, who was a power and contact hitter, a powerful and educated arm, a gentleman of fine education and kind treatment. A Sir. He always played for the Detroit Tigers, and continued with them, as an adviser to the presidency. Unforgettable. I wish you peace and happy death in your eternity ...              

 -OOO- "Homophobia is the direct daughter of ignorance" ... La Pimpi.-ATTENTION.- You can read the "Juan Vené en la Pelota" file on the internet, entering "sport unites us again". Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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