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Vinotinto sub-20 gets ready for the final hexagonal

The team will seek to get into the top four to secure their ticket to the World Cup

Against all odds, the Vinotinto sub-20 team brought out all its quality to reverse the bad start to the tournament and place second in group B in the final hexagonal that will be played in Bogotá from January 31 to February 12.

With a completely changed face since the second game against Uruguay, which meant the second defeat for the national team in the tournament (0-3), the team led by Argentine strategist Fabricio Coloccini was able to come from behind and row against the current to obtain two victories: the first against a powerful and orderly team from Ecuador and the second against the Chilean team, both with the same 1-0 result and with the same protagonist, Brayan Alcócer, who gave the victory by scoring from the penalty spot.

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The keys of the Vinotinto

Now their sights are set on qualifying for the World Cup that will be played in Indonesia this year.

With a team full of good players with experience both in the Futve League and abroad, the Venezuelan team must maintain this good winning rhythm to face Paraguay on Tuesday.

That is why the first point in favor of the national team is the appearance of wingers David Martínez and Lewuis Peña, these players gave the team that fight for the ball, speed and depth that was required.

The second key is to maintain the defensive line with Renné Rivas by his natural side; the left, along with the duo of central defenders who showed great solvency with the names of Rafael Uzcátegui and Carlos Rojas and the solvency of Alejandro Cova on the right.

And finally, that Telasco Segovia is the conductor that is needed in the midfield of the national team, also accompanied by the players Bryant Ortega and Néstor Jiménez who offer balance in that playing area to supply Brayan Alcócer with balls, a goal man of the Vinotinto

Venezuelan Calendar

Paraguay-Venezuela:Tuesday 31/01 at the Metropolitano de Techo stadium at 4:00 pm
Brazil-Venezuela: Friday 03 / 02 at the Metropolitano de Techo stadium at 6:30 pm
Venezuela-Uruguay: Monday 06/02 at the Metropolitano de Techo stadium at 4:00 pm
Ecuador-Venezuela: Thursday 09/02 at the Metropolitano de Techo stadium at 4:00 pm
Venezuela-Colombia: 12 / 02 Sunday at the El Campin stadium To define.

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