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Gustavo Alfaro began to say goodbye to Boca Juniors

After the series loss to Boca in semifinals of Copa Libertadores, the technician 'xeneize' Gustavo Alfaro He gave a press conference with a farewell flavor where he spoke in the past of his cycle and set as a goal only the remaining matches until the end of the year.

“I feel proud to have been in Boca because the fans had the dignity to applaud their players. It was a very hard learning experience because it is not easy to be in this chair and lead a club as big as this one”, he maintained.

When asked if he will continue in office after December, Alfaro stated: “It is not for me to talk about continuity because the club is in a political dilemma and has to elect a president at the end of the year. When Nicolás Burdisso (the sports director) wanted to talk to me about continuity a month ago, I told him that it was not the time. I want to try to finish the games I have left this year and then get my life back."

At the time of analyzing the match, the coach expressed: “The feelings I have are angry because I think we deserved to have gone to penalties because we still have the controversies that condition things. We made the merits amply tonight to win by two goals beyond the precision that we lacked in the first half. We look for the result all the time, assuming the risks against a rival like River”.

“I was highly criticized because we didn't kick on goal on River's pitch and today they didn't kick throughout the game. I have no reproaches for the players and I told them in the locker room because they left their skin and they deserved to have reached penalties, ”he added with anger in his tone of voice.

“I do not do the analysis for two games. We reached the semifinals and I feel sorry for the players, for the Boca fans for the truncated illusion of not reaching the final and losing to the classic rival. We are leaders in the championship, we finished third last year, we won the Cup Winners' Cup and reached the Super League Cup final... of course there are debts that the team needs to improve but I have not reproached my cycle since that January 3 when we started. If this is a failure, Boca has failed since 2007, failing to win a Copa Libertadores, ”he concluded emphatically.


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