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Gallardo: We suffered, a necessary condition to reach the final

Marcelo Gallardocoach of River Plate, was very happy with the new classification of River Plate to the final of the Copa Libertadores, after winning the semi-final 2-1 on aggregate against Boca Juniors, .

“We are a team that recognizes playing in adverse conditions. Today we couldn't play our game, we had to fight, fight and put on our overalls, and we did. We knew how to suffer, which is a necessary condition to reach the final of the Copa Libertadores”, said Gallardo after losing 1-0 at La Bombonera in the second leg of the 'semis'.

“Having played very well in the first leg at our stadium had its reward. I take off my hat again with this group of players who were hungry to continue and be in a new Cup final. Now we have one more step to see if we can consecrate ourselves again", emphasized the coach of the 'Millionaire' team in a conference press.

“It is difficult to analyze the match and the game because I am enormously happy with the players. I have enormous joy that does not enter my body for our people, for playing another new Copa Libertadores final, leaving Boca on the road again, ”Gallardo said emotionally at a conference where he was accompanied by Javier Pinola.

When asked if he is aware of what this River has achieved in these five years under his leadership, he said: “I don't accurately measure statistics and I always say the same thing. When one can move away a bit and distance myself, I will only be able to assess what was achieved in this cycle. In this day-to-day process with permanent activity, we stop to think about the relevance of reaching a final, leaving Boca on the road again. My head is on what is to come and I dedicate this victory to the people who have come and gone with us”.

Gallardo exalted that the semifinal against Boca, both in the first leg at El Monumental, and in the second leg this Tuesday at La Bombonera, took place under normal conditions. “It must be recognized that the series was played under normal conditions, it means that we learned. It should be normal, but I am glad that it has developed like this, ”he concluded.


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