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Conmebol opened a file with Flamengo

Conmebol opened a file against Flamengo for the celebration of Gabriel Barbosa 'Gabigol' in which he showed a poster of the stands and the delay of the Brazilian team in the rest of the second leg of the semifinal of the Copa Libertadores against the Gremio, they confirmed this Monday sources familiar with the case.

The Rio de Janeiro club, which faces a possible sanction, predictably financial, from the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol), has until November 1 to send its allegations to the entity.

Flamengo will face Argentine River Plate in the final of the Copa Libertadores, to be played next November 23 in a single match in Santiago de Chile, after beating Gremio de Porto Alegre 5-0 at the Maracaná stadium.

In that semifinal duel, Gabigol celebrated one of his two goals by grabbing a poster from a fan with the following message: “Today there is a goal from Gabigol”.

The action was picked up by the match referee, Argentine Patricio Loustau.

According to the regulations of the Libertadores, the display of "political, religious, commercial, personal messages or slogans in any language or form" by the player during the matches is prohibited.

The planned punishment is a fine of $ 5.000, and, in the event of a repeat offense, this sanction could be increased, although the presence of the Brazilian forward in the final against River Plate would not be at risk.

On the other hand, the Disciplinary Unit of Conmebol also denounced the delay of two minutes by Flamengo for the resumption of the second half of that semifinal second leg.

According to the rules, the coach, in this case, the Portuguese Jorge Jesus, is responsible for the delay of the team.

In a first infraction, the coach can be warned, and if he is a repeat offender, sanctioned with a suspension game.

This happened to the predecessor of Jorge Jesus, the Brazilian Abel Braga, who was warned for the same in the match against San José, in Bolivia, re-offended when he faced Peñarol and was finally suspended for the match with the Quito League. .

However, the presence of Jorge Jesus in the final of the Libertadores would not be in danger either, since the recidivism comes from the club and it happened with another coach.

However, the sanction for the delay in the rest could remain in another economic fine, although it will be necessary to wait for the final decision of the competent organs of the Conmebol.


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