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Coloccini: "We continue on the right path"

The coach of the national team congratulated the kids for advancing to the final hexagonal

After the storm, the sun rises and the sun rose for the Sub 20 Vinotinto that with so much effort has known how to deal with the storm. For this Saturday the group qualified for what seemed impossible, sealing their pass to the final hexagonal of the South American tournament.

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Faced with this very important fact and which fills an entire country with satisfaction, the coach Fabricio Coloccini has once again congratulated his boys who "continue on the right track".

For the meeting on Saturday night, the strategist made several modifications to the approach, to which he limited the group of journalists who interviewed him after the duel that his decision is to refresh the group and not because some figure was not up to the task.

"The boys feel tired from the accumulation of games, we have already played against four teams and the load is already felt," he said.

La Vinotinto will now move to Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, to play the last phase of the contest. Now with defined rivals, the coach is not in a hurry to prepare for the duel against Paraguay.

"Today we are enjoying what happened (to qualify for the final phase), I think the boys played an almost perfect match against Chile," he said.

"We came here for the goal and one of those dreams is to reach Venezuela with the highest," he concluded.

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