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Coloccini: "The team lived up to it"

The strategist considered that the team has had a good performance in the South American

After having tasted defeat on two occasions in the South American Sub 20 that is held in Colombian territory, Vinotinto finally managed to accumulate its first three points in the tournament against Ecuador.

The Argentine coach Fabricio Coloccini stressed after the end of the commitment for date three that the squad "was up to it."

“Against Uruguay it was also good despite the fact that specific errors were made that cost us to score (points). Today they showed again that they want to continue in the championship and that is the most important thing”, the coach told the reporters present.

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For the starting eleven of this Thursday's game, the strategist made variations with the fact that some figures rested, since the team has had very consecutive duels (every 48 hours), for which reason there is not enough time for the pieces are recovered 100%.

“I had to make some changes to give freshness. These guys who have been playing with fewer minutes and have done well. That makes us an internal competition in a good way (…) so that they can fight for the position, ”he said.

Despite the fact that the Venezuelans did not make their debut in the best way, the kids want to continue in the tournament. If they manage to beat Chile this Saturday they can opt for the pass to the final phase.

"You have to prepare your legs for what's to come, their illusion is so great that they may forget their fatigue," he argued.

Before saying goodbye, the DT sent a message to the fans who constantly follow in the footsteps of the team "trust the boys (...) despite the results they can get, it is a talented group that will contribute a lot to the absolute".

The match against "La Roja" will take place at the Deportivo de Cali stadium at 7:30 PM (Venezuela time).

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