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Case Byron Castillo resurrects in social networks

An alleged evidence about the "Tri" player has been released

A new chapter has been added to the novel by soccer player Byron Castillo, it is an audio that circulates on social networks where the player admits that he is not Ecuadorian and that he has played with the "Tri" with a false passport.

new evidence

The Daily Mail newspaper was responsible for announcing this new evidence that could shake Ecuador's permanence in the World Cup that begins in mid-November.

The Ecuadorian authorities had previously evaluated this material, but concluded that it is not Castillo.

After several weeks of investigation, FIFA made the decision and ruled in favor of "La Roja", therefore, Ecuador continues and will continue as one of the participating teams in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

According to the Ecuadorian press, the justice of the South American country already had knowledge of this audio, however, the court showed that Castillo was not involved in this material.

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Meanwhile, Castillo is keeping a low profile and prefers not to give statements in this type of circumstance.

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