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Maradona regretted his sour debut with Gymnastics

"My soul hurts," he declared Diego Maradona at the end of the game in which he debuted yesterday Sunday as coach of Gymnasia y Esgrima La Plata, in which your box fell 2-1 to Racing in the sixth day of the Argentine Soccer Super League.

“My head doesn't hurt, my soul hurts. I don't think the Argentine champion (Racing) was more than us in the match. At no time was he superior to us, except that they have quality players who hide the ball from you and make you run twice as much, especially if they have an advantage, "said Maradona at the post-match press conference.

However, the Argentine star asserted that "although my soul hurts, we have to spend this moment."

Racing “scored the goals but did not play as we have seen. He made dirty goals, but he won and there is no need to cry”, Synthesized the coach, who remarked that the fall is just a stumbling block, even though Gimnasia is last in the championship and in the relegation zone in the average table.

After the meeting, Maradona also lamented the opportunity that Gimnasia squandered in injury time, when Matías García had the chance to tie, but his shot went high.

“I was left with the bitterness of not being able to tie the game in the opportunity we had in the end. I was waiting for the net to move, but it came out from the top, "said Maradona, who was also disappointed that Racing scored the second goal shortly after Gimnasia reached equality.

“We did not finish shouting the tie that we were already 2-1. Soccer has those things, "he lamented.

Maradona, 58, recently operated on his knee, returned a few months ago to Argentina, after directing Dorados de México, whom he was about to lead to the first division. AFP

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