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Aucas wins its first star at the hands of Farías

The "capital idol" never lost under the reins of the Venezuelan coach

Aucas de Quito was proclaimed champion of Ecuadorian football for the first time, after a goalless draw this Sunday at home and thanks to the away win 0-1 in the first leg over Barcelona, ​​with an undefeated campaign since his coach arrived Venezuelan Cesar Farias.

Farías arrived and debuted in Ecuadorian soccer on the eleventh date of the first phase and, since then, remained undefeated until reaching the title under the guidance of coach Farías.   

The story in today's game could have changed if the main figure of Barcelona in recent years, the naturalized Argentine Damián Díaz had made it in the 72nd minute, but weakly took a penalty kick that was rejected with the left leg of the goalkeeper Hernán Galíndez.

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In this Sunday's game, Barcelona's need to tie the series led him to propose a constant offensive game on the goal of Aucas, who took refuge five times in corner kicks and gave up several free kicks near his goal. , but the Barcelona players lacked precision in the final shot.

A longed for celebration

The pressure and possession of the ball corresponded to the visitor, while for Aucas it was his left winger Carlos Cuero who was closest to the goal, a shot that passed near the upper right corner of goalkeeper Javier Burrai, in the local's best scoring chance in the first time.  

Aucas had been one of the participants in many professional tournaments in Ecuador, since 1957, when the first tournament was held, for which his fans, mostly over 70 years of age, celebrated in a very special way, displaying photos of friends and deceased relatives.

The so-called "capital idol«, has a wide fan base that congregates in a special way in the south of Quito.


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