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Unique power, that of Sadaharu Oh

Enjoy a new installment of "En la bola" by Juan Vené

"Fortunate firefighter is the one who has a fiery girlfriend"... Pacomio.

Today Tuesday and tomorrow Wednesday are Mail Days. Please send your name and the town or city where you are writing from.

Orlando Rivero, from Cocorote, Yaracuy, asks…: “What do you think of what Dave Justice said, that Shohei Ohtani is better than Babe Ruth? It seems to me that he went flat on his face, because, in 22 seasons, Ruth scored and drove in 12 times 100 or more runs, it was líder home run hitter in 12 seasons, hit 714 home runs. And as a pitcher, he finished with a record of 94-46, 2.28. There is no comparison with a player who is just starting out.”

Dude Lando…: That's it. Justice refers to Babe Ruth at the beginning of it. You compare them as if Ohtani had already finished his career.

Richard Araujo, from Ponce, thinks...: “I think the bigleaguers train excessively because of the millions of dollars. So they force them to rest via the injured list. Before there weren't so many injuries, pitchers were throwing a lot more complete games, and they even went on a spree a lot."

Marina Gresley, from Mexico City asks…: “Please, my subject is not baseball, but I am a volleyball player, and I want to know who invented it and when”.

Amiga Nina…: A professor at the YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts, named William George Morgan, set out in 1895 to invent a sport that could be played both outdoors and indoors, suitable for men and women, and that was not personal contact such as football, soccer, or basketball. He was inspired by tennis. And the following year, 1896, he prepared the first competition, without having baptized his creation yet, so a spectator at that event, named Alfred Halstead, said...: "This is volleyball", and that's how that name was imposed.

Luis Capote, from Catia La Mar, requests…: “Could you tell me about Sadaharu Oh's career, the numbers and the records set by him?”.

Amigo Lucho…: In top-flight professional baseball, no one has matched Sadaharu Oh's home run mark of 868. He also holds the Japanese single-season record of 55. Like Babe Ruth, he was signed as a pitcher by the Yomiuri Giants , but soon he was placed at first base to harness his power every day.

He played for 22 seasons, 1959-1980, was MVP nine times and reached 11 Series Finals. He was manager and commentator. Since 2008 he is retired. He has turned 82 years old.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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