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They no longer respect the Uniformity Rule

Enjoy a new installment of "En la bola" by Juan Vené

“There is no bad comedian, because the worst one turns out to make me laugh at everyone”… Firoberta.

Just like every Wednesday, today is Mail Day. Please, send your name and the town or city from where you wrote.

Óscar Sanabria, from Yaritagua, asks...: "Is there a rule in the Major Leagues that requires uniformity? Because managers and coaches appear without the uniform shirt, in flannels and without caps."

Amigo Caro: The League Rules require uniformity, everyone is equal. But that is no longer respected. Players don't show up dressed the same either.

Rodrigo Gutiérrez, from Reynosa, asks…: “Is a perfect game credited to a pitcher who makes 24 consecutive outs and a reliever ends the game with the remaining three outs in a row?”

Friend Drigo: No, sir. It the opener, game won; to the reliever, saved.

Lázaro Suárez R. from Fort Lauderdale, thinks…: “Extraordinary, very good, the Chapter of his book in which he reviews his trip to the Sierra Maestra. He made me relive what Cuba was, with all its atmosphere and its people. Very thankful".

Friend Laz: Glad you liked it!

Jesusita Hernández R. from Culiacán, asks…: “Why not insist on a Major League Baseball franchise for Mexico? There is no city in our country capable of supporting 81 Major League games, but what if they are distributed like this: 21 in Monterrey, 20 in Hermosillo, 20 in Mazatlán and 20 in Culiacán?

Amiga Chita…: And so we ended the Mexican Summer League and the Mexican Pacific League.

Arístides J. Camacho, from Mérida, Venezuela, asks…: “In the Major Leagues, aren't there advisers to guide the players about what to consume and what not to consume?”.

Friend Aris: There are and very capable. But they secretly smuggle in the forbidden, because they think they're Superman or Popeye.

Manuel de D. Petuán, from Hawaii, asks…: “Who was the first winning manager in the Caribbean Series and which teams won the first 12?”

Friend Manolo…: It happened in 1949, when Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama and Venezuela played in Havana. And Fermín Guerra was champion manager, with Almendares de Cuba, undefeated in six games.

Of the first 12 Series, up to 1960, before the 10-year break, Cuba won seven, Puerto Rico four, Panama one and Venezuela none.

Beginning in 1971, Mexico and the Dominican Republic replaced Cuba and Panama in these Series.  

 Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

Attention.- You can read the archive of “Juan Vené en la Pelota” on the internet, entering “sport unites us again”.

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