Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Sex boxer will play in Japan

If a homosexual believes in God and loves God, who am I to judge him?”… Pope Francis.

Question of the Week: Fred McGriff, who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on Sunday, July 24, spent his childhood in Tampa, very close to "Al Lopez Field," the Reds' spring home. Were there three players from the Cincinnati club, your idols? Do you know who they were?

The Answer: Pete Rose, David Concepción and Dan Driessen.

By the way, during his 19 seasons as a big leaguer, McGriff wore six different uniforms, Blue Jays, Padres, Braves, Rays, Cubs, Dodgers... Trevor Bauer, the 32-year-old who boxed two girls while having sex with them, will launch in Japan this year, with the Yokohama Dana Bay Stars, for four million dollars. The Dodgers had him signed for $22 million, but none of the other 500 major league teams claimed him after they released him. Bauer hasn't pitched since 29... The Rangers optimistic about the progress of right-hander Jacob deGrom, who underwent arm surgery last year. He didn't pitch until after August. The Texans signed deGrom as a free agent and keep him coaching in the minors.

The Mexicans, who spent years with zero native players in the Major Leagues, or one at most, have now had as many as 14: Julio Urías, Dodgers; Luis Urías, Brewers; Ramon Urías, Orioles; Jose Urquidy, Astros; Giovanny Gallegos, Cardinals; Luis Cesa, Reds; Daniel Duarte, Reds; Oliver Pérez, at 41, with a 49-94 record, 4.37, five saves, Diamondbacks; Humberto Castellanos, Diamondbacks; Alexander Kirk, Blue Jays; Alejandro Verdugo, Red Sox; Victor Arano, Nationals; Andres Munoz, Mariners; Alfonso Rivas, Cubs.

"Chocolate with tomato, what nonsense!"... Pure bliss.

Said Mookie Betts, after announcing that he will play about 60 games this year at second base, due to Gavin Lux's knee injury and the absence of Trea Turner, as a free agent: “My mission is to help the team win until the World Series. If I can cooperate at second base, I'll play there."

Tomorrow Friday the bankruptcy announcement of "Diamond Sports", owner of the local radio and television rights of 14 teams. The reason is that they pay 30 and 40 million annually to each club, such as the Reds, Indians, Diamondbacks and Padres. Through these four, they lose up to a hundred million per season.

"Useless to look for a job as a lifeguard in the Dead Sea"... Dick Secades.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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