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Santana achieved only 2.4% of the votes

Enjoy a new installment of "En la bola" by Juan Vené

“As a doctor said that 'so many germs can be transmitted in a kiss, as to kill a rabbit', I stopped kissing rabbits”… La Pimpi.

Like every Wednesday, today is Post Office Day. Please, send your name and the town or city from where you write.

Héctor Peña, from Los Teques, asks…: “Does Félix Hernández have the necessary merits to reach the Hall of Fame; and did you vote for Johan Santana?”

Friend Jeity…: Felix's career was very good. But we have to wait until 2025, when he will be a candidate. As for my friend, Johan Santana, he was a good pitcher, but without the merits for Cooperstown. I was one of the 412 voters who, in 2028, did not vote for him. Only 10 gave him the vote, for 2.4%, when the minimum, as you already know, is 75%.

Rosalbo Moreno, from Puerto Peñasco, asks…: “What should I do to write a book with the history of the Cooperstown Hall of Fame? I am young, recently graduated in literature and I want this to be my first work”.

Friend Rosie…: Excellent topic. Very interesting. You must go to Cooperstown for about two weeks. I can arrange for you to be seen and helped there. In addition, I suggest you complement your work with the stories of the Mexican Baseball and Venezuelan Baseball Halls of Fame, which are also magnificent. I am at your command.

Pedro L. Vargas, from Coro, asks…: “Can you publish the issues of Zoilo Versalles, Sandalio Consuegra and Víctor Pellot Power?”.

Amigo PeLe…: In the 1965 World Series, Dogers-Twins, Versailles hit .286, one home run, four RBIs. And in his 12-year career, until 1971, 242, 95, 471… Consuegra pitched for eight years, until 1957, 51-32, 3.37… And in his 12 seasons, until 1965, Pellot Power, 284, 126, 658. 

Marietta Rigales J. of Evansville, Indiana, asks… “Is it true that Major League Baseball players drink a lot of liquor and do a lot of drugs?”

Amiga Yeta…: There have been and there are those who drink liquor, like Grover Cleveland Alexander, Billy Martin and Mickey Mantle; but there have also been, and still are, absolutely sober, far from such vice, such as Pete Rose, Tom Seaver, Roberto Clemente and Luis Aparicio.

When it comes to drugs, it is very difficult for bigleaguers to supply them without being caught and punished with suspensions, since they carry out numerous tests without warning.

In short, the Major Leagues are a human conglomerate, with the same defects and the same virtues that we all have.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.


  1. Greetings, who could explain to me the confusing play I recently saw between Angels vs. Yankees where a defensive player touches a runner who was coming from second to third and then the same offensive player touches another who leaves that base upon returning in ran ran between third and home. The umpire from third left the runner coming from second at that base.

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