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Rafaela with the Red Sox

Enjoy a new installment of on the ball by Juan Vené

“Slump? No… I'm not in any slump. It's just that eight days ago I haven't connected a hit." Yogi Berra.

Question of the Week: Yogi Berra is the player with the most World Series appearances, 75 games in 14 Series, 10 wins. Who has been the bigleaguer with the most games in seasons, without having played a single one in the PlayOffs or World Series?

The Answer: Of the Chicago Cubs, during 19 seasons, 1953-1971, Ernie Banks appeared in 528 lineups, but none in the postseason.

The most cheating Blue Jays right-hander Alek Manoah, who has been in the Major Leagues since 2021, said at the top of his voice on a television show that Gerrit (Nat King) Cole, of the Yankees, is the pitcher who uses the most prohibited substances. Two years ago, Josh Donaldson, who was a third baseman for the same Toronto team, also accused Cole of the same thing. Ah, but soon after, he and Donaldson were together in Yankees uniforms.

“I am sure that the so-called Baseball Classic will not achieve even 10% of the attention that the world public pays to the Soccer World Cup. I mean, because the Clásico was invented by Bud Selig, supposedly to compete with the World Cup”… JV

Raphael in Boston. The Red Sox will bring an outfielder, who was a shortstop, to training in 2023, named Ceddanne Rafaela, 21, who hit very well in Double A last season. He is also lightning fast running the bases. Scouts compare Rafaela, on offense, to Mookie Betts.

Progress. In Boston they are very optimistic about the progress of the right pitcher, maracayero, Bryan Mata, after submitting to the Tommy John. Bryan, 23, will train with the big club.

Only 18 years old. Another young man among the notable prospects of the Boston team is the outfielder from San Pedro de Macorís, Miguel Bleis, who has barely turned 18 years old. He possesses the Big Five skills for the game: ease of contact, power at bat, leg speed, speed on defense, good hands, and a strong, controlled arm. In no more than two or three years, he will already be with the big team.

Lefty power. Another 18-year-old in the meantime, is a native of San Diego, son of Mexicans, Mikey Romero, tremendous infielder. He shows a maturity in baseball as if he had already turned 24. They say that his hits, left-handed, would surpass the bullpens through the Fenway Park rightfield.

“The safe formula for not suffering from mice (hangovers, hangovers) is to continue drinking non-stop”… Trapichito.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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