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Fernando Tatis is a complete idiot

Enjoy a new installment of "En la bola" by Juan Vené

“A police officer in Washington fined me $100, for an offense, I committed while driving. I apologized like this: Hey, I'm the manager of the Nationals. And this was his reaction…: Oh yeah?! then, a hundred dollars more, for how badly they are playing!”… Dave Martínez.-

Today, Tuesday and tomorrow, Wednesday are Mail Days. Please, send your name and the town or city from where you wrote.

Laimar Arcadio, from Las Matas de Farfán, Dominican, asks: "What do you think of the Fernando Tatis case?"

Amigo Laimo: Tremendous nonsense from this guy, in the second season of a 14-year, $340 million contract. What do you need to dope for?

I am very sorry, especially for his father, who has been a very serious man in baseball. You must be wondering just like me, how does a 23-year-old tarajallo, signed until 2.034, for that guy full of dollars, play the idiot and say he doesn't know what Clostebol is, a prohibited steroid, what got between his chest and back? .

Maybe because he's taking care of the ridiculous little blonde girls hanging on him, he doesn't have time to know what he's taking... His teammates have said they don't want him anymore and that he's not needed in that lineup. Poor rich!

Eduardo Espadas P. from Mérida, Yucatán, asks…: “Do the Yankees prohibit their players from chewing tobacco?”

Friend Lalo…: That's not allowed in any stadium in New York.

Alexis Manzanilla from El Junquito

asks…: “Why did Raúl Pérez Tovar not reach the Major Leagues and, please, publish his numbers in the minors and in Venezuela?”

Friend Al…: At the time of this valuable baseball player, it was not as easy as it is now to reach major baseball. There were fewer teams in the Major Leagues, fewer scouts went to Latin America, the Academies did not exist and power at bat was demanded of outfielders, which he never had. In the minors, he appeared in 920 games, batted 283, 14 home runs, 365 RBIs. In Venezuela, 17 Championships, 1977-1996, average of 288, 32 home runs, 323 RBIs.

Gomer Arriojas, from El Tigre, asks…: “Did you vote? by Iván Rodríguez for his induction into the Hall of Fame? And is it counterproductive to pay multimillion-dollar bonuses to rookies who haven't even set foot on a Major League field?

Friend Go…: Yes, I voted for Iván. And all the bonuses are paid to "rookies who have not even set foot on a Major League field", since they give them the money when they are just signed.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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  1. Mr. Juan Vene, I remember the first time I read it, I was in 4th grade. We were reviewing the newspaper in class, the teacher asked us to choose an article to read and I chose his. That's 55 years ago! We talked about baseball that afternoon in class. Is a pleasure meeting you.

  2. Mr. Juan Juan my greetings and my respect for you know I was sharing between three friends and the topic of Omar Vizquel came up and he says that you do not give him the vote why Vizquel refused to give you an interview in Venezuela how true this is ……. .

  3. Mr. Juan, come, greetings, my question is” can a player enter the hall of fame just by having many gold gloves and a low batting average, few home runs and few RBIs?

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