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Dodgers have what with in the minors

“The old grandparents were much happier than now, because they didn't have to listen to reggaeton”… La Pimpi.

Question of the week: There have been two big leaguers, now in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, who were star players for the Harlem Globetrotters. Do you remember who?

The answer: Bob Gibson, 1956-'57, and Ferguson Jenkins, in winter, 1967, '68 and '69.

It was not from Palmeiro. What Rafael Palmeiro won in 1999 was not the Golden Glove, but "The Glove of ANOTHER". He was given the trophy as a first baseman, where he appeared just 28 times, while DHing in 128 games.

electoral danger. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, launched his presidential candidacy yesterday. If he wins, it will be a huge problem for those of us who are not blond.

He has in his pocket provisions against blacks, yellows, gays and Hispanics. Meanwhile, Florida received more than 137 million 500 thousand tourists last year, a number that, it is feared, will drop considerably if DeSantis wins the elections, due to hatred for our communities.

It should be inside. The Cuban umpire, Armando Rodríguez, should be in the Venezuelan Baseball Hall of Fame. His contribution to the ball of that country was remarkable. In that room there are two umpires, Roberto Olivo and Gualberto Acosta. Who deserves it may receive it!
"The grandparents of before were much happier than now, because their grandchildren talked to them, not with cell phones"... Joseph McKadew.

Youth in Los Angeles! In 2023, the Dodgers are no exception. As always they have infinite wealth in the quality of their minor league boys. As soon as Julio Urías had a bad game, they brought up Bobby Miller, a 24-year-old right-hand pitcher, who had to debut no less than against the already famous Brewers artillery.

Bobby woke up yesterday with 1-0, 1.80, after five innings of good pitching. He allowed two hits, a run in the first inning, and then drew four shutouts. He gave up four hits and a walk.

In the story of Bobby, who received a bonus of two million 200 thousand dollars for his signing, it appears that in training sessions in 2022, he struck out Shohei Ohtani. You're doing well, boy, you're doing well!

"The grandparents of before were much happier than those of now, because their grandchildren adored them as the grandchildren of now adore their cell phones and their reggaeton"... Joseph McKadew.

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.

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