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Caribbean series: an unburied corpse

Enjoy a new installment of "En la bola" by Juan Vené

“Man's best friend is no longer the dog, but Johnny Walker Black”… Trapichito.

The Caribbean Series, as it is played now, is an unburied corpse. And the one scheduled for 2023, with eight teams, all in Caracas, is anti-baseball.

Fortunately, the most knowledgeable and concerned baseball executive in the Caribbean is Humberto Oropeza, of the Cardenales de Lara. His progressive ideas indicate, as he has just told me, that the Caribbean Series must be modernized.

When the Series was played for the first time in Havana in 1949, it was the same as how it will be played next February in Caracas. Gentlemen, it will be 74 years. In other words, the Caribbean Series is 74 years behind. The only difference makes it more and more obsolete, that instead of four teams, eight will play.

Impossible to achieve an interesting, decent show, worthy of our public, putting eight clubs to play in a single venue, for a week.

The solution is simple, and Humberto agrees to try it…: Copy what they have done so successfully in the Major Leagues.

By the way, this would guarantee games of the Caribbean Series to all host countries year after year, and with notable income for each of the teams each February, from the sale of tickets, food, beverages, billboards, radio, television and souvenirs  

They just have to start the championships a few days earlier than usual, or run fewer games, or those two mods combined.

Example with the eight teams to play in Caracas in 2023, but competing at their venues.

Of course, the eliminated teams go home.

First Series, three games, all in one venue or one-two, in four days each, including travel...: Puerto Rico-Dominican, Mexico-Venezuela, Colombia-Cuba, Panama-Curaçao

Second Series, two-three, in 6 days, for the trip, with the winners, Puerto Rico-Mexico, Colombia-Curaçao.

Final between the winners, seven games in nine days, two-three-two, Mexico-Curaçao. Total 19 days.

Of course you don't even have to be creative. The system is already created, you just have to work a little, be enthusiastic about show business and respect for baseball.

Meanwhile, what they present each year, under the tutelage of Juan Puello, is a mockery of the public, an insult to baseball, why change anything, if every February we get advertisers convinced that we are the Spanish-speaking World Series ?

Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.


  1. Dear Juan Vené, your comment is much more accurate, so all the fans of the series would enjoy it.

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