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Youth prevails in Wijk Aan Zee

Enjoy a new installment of "Sembrar Ajedrez" by Juan Armando Röhl

The most important tournament of the year, el Tata Steelis began on January 14 in the city coastal from Wijk Aan Zee in the Netherlands. After four rounds they lead tied the Dutch Grandmaster Anish Giri with 3 points, tied with promising young Uzbek GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov (18 years old and who was crowned Champion in a surprise way at the Olympics held in Chennai, India, last July), in third place they tie the American GM Fabiano Caruana and Indian rising star Praggnanandhaa with 2,5 points.

The events have shown the enormous advances of the young people who are thriving for new successes, World Champion GM Magnus Carlsen has 2 points, as does World No. 2 Chinese GM Ding Liren. The Challengers Tournament is dominated by Turkish GM Mustafa Yilmaz with 4 points out of 5 possible followed by the GMs Ivic from Serbia, young Sindarov from Uzbekistan and German Donchenko, A tough fight is expected in the next rounds of the prestigious events.

Successfully carried out in Caracas, the Annual Assembly of the Venezuelan Chess Federation, with the approval of the Report and Account for the year 2022 and the preparation of the Calendar of Activities for 2023, including the delivery of more than 380 watches to all the active Associations of the Country, from this space we wish the greatest success to the team led by the Economist and International Teacher Johann Álvarez Márquez.

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They stand out in the Calendar of international events, el Continental Championship in the Dominican Republic in April, the famous Capablanca in Memoriam and Guillermo García in Memoriam Tournaments in Cuba in May, the Central American and Caribbean Games in El Salvador in june, the Youth Pan American in July in Chicago in the United Statesplatforms, Central American Youth Festival in Trinidad and Tobago in September, the Pan American School Championship in October in Peru, the Central American and Caribbean Individual Championship in Honduras in November and the South American School in Peru in December, a large number of events and where we hope the Venezuelan warriors can shine at high altitude.

Let's see an instructive below Study of the Italian-Venezuelan Master Candidate (CM) Giuseppe Abatantuono Lattarulo, White prevails in the position indicated in the Diagram with an excellent stratagem that highlights and emphasizes the importance of teamwork.

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1.b6+!! (white takes the opportunity to create powerful threats against the black monarch) 1… Ra6 !? (if 1…Ka8 2.Bc6!! nice sacrifice that decides after 2…bxc6 (2…e1Q 3.Bxb7mate) 3.b7+ Ka7 4.b8=Q+ Ka6 5:Qb6mate) 2.Bg6 !! (bad is 2.Bf7? Kb5! and black wins) 2…e1C!! (an interesting defensive resource) 3.Be4 !! (clockwork precision that takes advantage of the excellent harmony of the white pieces, if 3.Be8?! d2 4.Bf7 a) 4.Bxa4?? Nf3 (4…Ng2! 5.Bd1 Nf4!! (5…Kb5?? 6.Kxb7 Ne3 7.Bf3 d1=Q 8.Bxd1 Nxd1 9.Ka7+- wins) ) 5.Bd1 Nd4! and black wins; b) 4.Bh5! Kb5 5.Kxb7 Nd3 6.Be2 Kc5 7.Ka7!! only draws (7.Kc7?? Nf4 wins) ; 4…Kb5 5.Be8+ Kc5 6.Bxa4 with equality; 3.Bf7?! Kb5!! 4.Kxb7 (4.Be8+ Kc4 5.Bxa4 d2 6.Kxb7 Nd3 7.Bd1 Nc5+ 8.Kc6 a4 9.b7 Nxb7 10.Kxb7 Kc3 11.Bxa4 Kb2 equalize) 4…d2 5.Bh5 Nd3 6.Kc7 Kc4! ! (6…Nc5?? 7.Be2+! wins) 7.b7 (7.Be2 Kd4!=) 7…Nc5!! calls 8.Be2+! (8.b8=Q?? Na6+ wins) 8…Kc3! 9.b8Q d1=Q 10.Bxd1 Na6+ 11.Kb7 Nxb8 12.Kxb8 Kb2 with a Draw) 3…d2 4.Axb7+ Rb5 5.Ac6+!! (an exact check that wins brilliantly) 5… Ra6 (5…Kc5 6.Bxa4 wins by controlling the promotion and threatening to promote the b6-pawn5…Kc5 6.Bxa4 wins by controlling the promotion and threatening to promote the b6-pawn(loses 6.b7?? d1= Q 7.b8=Q Qd6+!) ;5…Kc4 6.Bxa4 Nd3 7.b7 (7.Bd1!! also wins) 7…Nb2 8.b8=Q Nxa4 9.Qd8 Kc3 10.Qf6+ Kc2 11.Qg6+ Kc1 12.Qc6++- wins) 6.b7 d1D 7.b8=D (With an exquisite Zugzwang, of this creative Problem composed in El Paraíso de Caracas on November 24, 2021) 1-0

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