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The importance of the classics

Enjoy a new installment of "Sembrar Ajedrez" by Juan Armando Röhl

One of the most fascinating aspects of Chess has been search to find a formula that allows Game-Science fans to achieve Mastery in both positional and tactical play, in fact, the Study of Classical Inheritance is one of the keys, in order to understand the evolution of an activity that has been enormously attractive to different generations and lovers of logic and human creativity, necessary tools to achieve competitive success.

Among the most recognized authors and books is “My System” by Danish Grandmaster (GM) (of Latvian origin) Aron Nimzowitsch, as well as “The Great Masters of the Board” by the great Czech player and composer Ricardo Réti, both deal with simple elements of chess Strategy and Tactics, which together facilitates the acquisition of useful knowledge and that combined with the talent for work and a positive attitude allow the continuous effort to become a creative improvement.

Another recommended book is “Questions on Modern Chess Theory” of the great player Ukrainian Isaac Lipnitsky, praised in his time by the great Champions, the American Robert James “Bobby Fischer” and the Soviet Mikhail Botvinnik, both discovered in him a special way of transmitting the concepts that help a deep understanding of Chess and its eternal harmony and teamwork as well as position assessment and instructive analysis full of great technical precision.

Chess continues its great movement in Greater Caracas, last Thursday, February 23, it took place in the Colegio Castelao in Caracas, a great Simultaneous Chess that had the participation of 45 children and young people from the Educational Center, was jointly organized by the Chess Club “Alexandre Bóveda” (the oldest Chess club in Venezuela), the Sports and Maintenance Departments of the Galician Brotherhood of Venezuela, the Ladies Committee and the Board of Directors of the Colegio Castelao (with the invaluable support of the Director, the Professor Norelis Uzcátegui): They participated as Simultaneous the International Master (IM) Juan Röhl and the National Masters (MN) Alejandro Casal Barreiro and Angel Renato Matos and the event is part of a set of activities promotion of the Chess School of the well-known club from the capital and the conformation of the teams towards the participation in the next Tournament "Checkmate to Racism" Championship to be held online next Saturday March 25 and  which is organized by the Bayer Club of Munich in Germany (and its promoters are Dijana Dengler and Jörg Wengel) and Exchanges with other Schools in the Metropolitan Area.

For more information see the following link:

Two activities will be taking place tomorrow the Chess Room "MI Antonio Palacios Lanza" (Headquarters of the Capital District Chess Association located from Muñoz to Padre Sierra, Executive Center Building, 7th Floor, Office 7-A in El Silencio Urbanization in Caracas) starting at 8:30 a.m. it will take place a Training Clinic with IM Juan Röhl (First Board of the Creole Olympic Team) Aimed at Athletes classified by the Capital District in the minor categories for the Monagas 2023 National Children's Championship. Starting at 1:00 pm, a 3 minute IRT Blitz tournament with two second increment, valid for the Grand Prix AJEVEN and that it will be played under the Swiss System to 9 Rounds.

Let's see below a wonderful Study of the Italian-Venezuelan Master Candidate (CM) Giuseppe Abatantuono Lattarulo, White prevails in the position indicated in the Diagram with an excellent Attack Stratagem that combines threats in magical and extraordinary ways.

The complete Analysis can be seen in the following Viewer:

1.Nbd7!! (a brilliant attacking maneuver that creates the beautiful threat of mate on “c5”, delivering the two white pieces, an elegant key in the words of Master Abatantuono, if 1.Ne4? Rc7!!) 1…Ne6!? (best chance to fight, 1…Rc7 2.Rb6mate; 1…Rxb1 2.Nc5mate with an elegant win; 1…Rb4+ 2.Rxb4 Rc7 (2…Ra8 3.Nc5+ Ka7 4.Rb7mate) 3.Rb6+ Ka7 won't work 4.Ne5 wins;1…Rxd7 2.Rb6mate) 2.Ne4!! Rb4+ (the most resistant move, after 2…Rxd7 3.Rb6mate; 2…Rxb1 3.Nec5+ Nxc5+ 4.Nxc5mate with a nice attacking harmony) 3.Rxb4! Rxd7 4.Rb6+! Ka7 5.Rxe6 (with an absolutely won ending for White thanks to the material advantage of this Problem composed at El Paraíso in Caracas on November 20, 2021) 1-0

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