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Talents on trial in Maturín

Enjoy a new installment of "Sembrar ajedrez" by Juan Armando Röhl

With the estimated participation of 300 young talents from all over the country, will be taking place in Maturín, the National Children's Championship, great sporting event that is jointly organized by the Monagas State Chess Association and the Venezuelan Chess Federation (FVA). The Tournament will be taking place in the magnificent Hotel San Miguel Golf&Club from 08 to 12 March and a tough fight is expected to achieve the classification for the different international competitions planned by FIDE America and the International Chess Federation (FIDE).

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The competition will be played under the Swiss System to 9 rounds and will take place in the categories Sub 8, Sub 10, Sub 12 and Sub 14 both in female and in absolute, Therefore, the country's emerging talent will be present and hopes to show all the technical advances of Venezuelan chess. and it is aspired that a Project that brings together both the sowing of Sports-Science throughout the Country and High Performance, committing everyone to achieve high results for the Country in the demanding International Calendar.

Tomorrow will be taking the Great Simultaneous Chess “Battle of Youth”, The activity will begin at 8 am in the Plaza José Félix Ribas in La Victoria (Aragua State) y will be attended by several members of the Venezuelan Olympic Team and it will be the framework for the Grand inauguration of the new Chess Boulevard and the "José Chipi Rodríguez" Municipal School”, which is coordinated by the very active National Teacher (MN) Beatriz Noguera together with the Government of the State of Aragua and the Bolivarian Mayor José Félix Ribas.

Let's see below a instructive Mate problem in 3 moves of the talented Italian-Venezuelan Master Candidate (CM) Giuseppe Abatantuono Lattarulo, White prevails in the position indicated in the Diagram with class and combinative brilliance.

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1.Ah5 !! (an excellent move that is the start of the winning plan, less exact are 1.Nxe6?! which leads to mate only in 4 moves 1…fxe6 2.Bh5 h6 3.Bf7+ Kh7 4.g6mate; 1.d8=Q?! Nxf8! and the objective is not fulfilled (1…Nf4; 1…Nxd8?? allows the enigmatic victory after 2.Nd7!!) 1… Nd8 (if 1…Nxg5 2.Rg2 h6 (2…f6 3.Bf7mate) 3.Bxf7mate; 1…f6 2.Bf7mate) 2.Rg2!! (an extraordinary play that leads to the Zugzwang in an incredible way) 2…f5 (2…h6 3.gxh6mate; 2…Nb7 3.Bxf7mate; 2…Ne6 3.Bxf7mate with excellent teamwork; 2…f6 3.gxf6mate) 3.gxf6mate (with a curious white finish of this Problem composed in El Paraíso in Caracas on November 28, 2021) 1-0

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