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Lara prevails in Valera

I finish successfully the National Championships in the Sub 16 (Cadets) and Sub 18 (Juniors) Categories in the beautiful city of Valera in the State of Trujillo. The events were organized jointly between the Andean State Chess Association, as well as the Venezuelan Chess Federation (FVA), he played the Gerardo Marquez Senior Cup and had a pleasant atmosphere of sports camaraderie.

Triumph in the event, the Lara delegation followed by the Capital District, Aragua and Mérida. In the U16 Women's Tournament, she won la talented athlete from Merida Ana Acosta with 5,5 points out of 7 possible, followed by Trujillo Jacksilany Guadalajara with 5 points and a better tiebreaker than the Mirandina Majeiqueilin Velasquez who finished third on the podium. In the Sub 16 Category triumph in extremis the talented Aragüeño athlete Ali Jaramillo with 6 points, seconded by the Master Candidate (CM) Richard Singer with 5,5 with a better tiebreaker than the falconian Luciano Sánchez.

In the Under 18 Female category The Candidate for Teacher (WCM) from Lara, Clara Peña, swept with 7 points out of 7 possible, second was the mirandina Gabriela Guerrero with 5,5 and better tiebreaker than the Anzoatiguense Neritza Guillen. And in the Absolute Under 18 Category the win went to him District CM Angel Ramírez with 5,5 out of 7, beating the tiebreaker Jose Barreto from Trujillo third was the falconian CM Juan Pérez with 5 points.

 Participated in the events 112 chess players from all over the country. On the technical side was the Trujillo National Organizer José Guadalajara, accompanied by the FIDE Arbitrator (AF) José Romero and International Arbitrator Ulises Hernández.

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Yesterday began in Caracas, the I National Championship for University Chess Teams, The great event is organized by the Venezuelan Sports Federation of University Education (FEVEDEU) and the FVA. Acts as technical director Grand Master (WGM) Saraí Sánchez Castillo and AI Ely Saul Sequera, several of the best young chess players participate, highlighting the brand new Olympians, the CMs Samid Escalona and Moisés Castro, from spaces we wish the greatest success to all the Participants from 23 Universities of the Country.

The links to see the Results Round by Round are the following:

Let's take a look at a beautiful Study of the great Italian-Venezuelan CM Giuseppe Abatantuono Lattarulo, White prevails in the position indicated in the Diagram with an excellent and instructive attacking manoeuvre.

1.Rg6!! (a spectacular move that leads to victory in an extraordinary way, does not work 1.Rg7?? c4!! a) 1…a4!! 2.Kc8 Kb6 3.Rxb7+ Ka5 and Black wins; b) 1…a2?? is bad because of 2.Kc8!! Kb6 (2…a1=Q 3.Rxb7+ Ka8 4.b6 winning) 3.Rxb7mate; c) 1…d3 2.Kc8 Bxg7 3.hxg7 a2 (3…d2 4.g8=Q d1=Q 5.Kc7) 4.g8=Q a1=Q 5.b6+!! Kxb6 6.Qb3+ Kc6 7.Qxb7+ Kd6 8.Qd7+ Ke5 9.Qg7+ with a trump similar to the main line; 2.Kc8 Kb6 3.Rxb7+ Kc5 and Black escapes and wins)

1…hxg6 (if 1…a2 2.Ra6+!! a beautiful sacrifice leading to mate after 2…bxa6 3.b6+ Ka8 4.b7+ Ka7 5.b8=Qmate) 2.hxg6!! (follows the precision 2.h7?? lose this impulsive advance by 2…d3!) 2… d3 3.g7! Be5+ 4.Kc8!! Bxg7 (if 4…Kb6 5.g8=Q d2 6.Qe6+!! wins) 5.hxg7 a2 (if 5…d2 6.g8=Q d1=Q 7.Qg2!! with a geometric trump for White ( also wins 7.Kc7!? Qd7+ 8.Kxd7 Kb6 9.Qe6+ Kxb5 10.Qb3+ Ka6 11.Kc7 b5 12. Qf3!!) 7…Qd8+ 8.Kxd8 Kb6 9.Qa2!!) 6.g8=Q a1=Q 7.b6+!! (a brilliant pawn sacrifice that the Queen wins with artistic magic, the prosaic 7.Qh7!! also triumphs; 7.Kc7?? lose by Qe5+) 7… Ra6 (7…Kxb6 8.Qb3+ Kc6 (8…Ka6 9.Qxb7mate) 9.Qxb7+ Kd6 10.Qd7+!! Ke5 11.Qg7+ wins; 7…Ka8 8.Kc7mate (8.Kd7mate) 8.Dc4+! Rxb6 9.Db3+! Rc6 (9…Ra6 10.Dxb7mate; 9…Ra7 10.Dxb7mate) 10.Qxb7+! Kd6 11.Qd7+!! Ke5 12.Qg7+! (Study composed by Maestro Giuseppe in El Paraíso in Caracas, on November 23, 2021)

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