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In honor of Miranda and Capablanca

Enjoy a new installment of "Sembrar Ajedrez" by Juan Armando Röhl

The II Leander 2022 Children's Invitational Chess Festival, starts tomorrow at 9 am at SEDEFANB in ​​Fuerte Tiuna. The great sporting event will remember the famous feat carried out by Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda in 1.806 at the helm of the Corvette Leander and the birth of the only Latin American World Champion, the Cuban genius José Raúl Capablanca y Graupera occurred in Havana in 1888 and that it was decreed by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) as World Chess Day in 1.988.

The participation of more than 200 chess players in the Sub 8, Sub 10, Sub 12 and Sub 14 Categories is expected. Aspires to become so is one of the best national events with the aim of promoting the wonderful benefits of Chess for children and young people. It is organized at the initiative of the M/G Félix Osorio Guzmán, General Commander of the Bolivarian Army and executed by the citizen G/B Romerl Romero Domínguez, President of the Bolivarian Army Savings Bank.

You can see the incidents of the event in the following links:

It will have the endorsement of the Venezuelan Chess Federation (FVA) and the Capital District Chess Association. It hopes to bring together the best emerging talents in the country and is an excellent example of civil-military union through the organization of a world-class event, which will have great and innovative surprises for all its Participants, will have a efficient team led by the International Master (IM) Juan Röhl and the experienced International Referee (AI) José Luis Guilarte.

Another event of great impact will be the National Rapid and Blitz Championships to be organized by the FVA and to be played at the LIDOTEL Terrace in Caracas on November 26 and 27. The Sub 10, Sub 12, Sub 14, Sub 20 and Maximum Category categories will be played simultaneously. will act like technical director of the Grand Master (WGM) Saraí Carolina Sánchez Castillo and is expected to have the presence of the Venezuelan Olympic Teams as well as the country's emerging talentsyou will have an excellent Prize Pool, for more information visit the page

The IRT Classic Chess in Memoriam of the Cuban International Referee “Lázaro Darromán Cotilla”, (very loved character of the National Chess and trainer of generations of Venezuelan Referees), The event will be played at the Araure Shopping Center in the Portuguesa State on November 26 and 27, it will be a Sub 1800 under the Swiss System with 5 roundsFor more information contact the Telephones 0416 6136001 and 0412 8477706, will have the endorsement of the Portuguese State Chess Association and its active President, Mr. Yorman Ali Rojas.

The month of December will bring the realization of multiple events, such as the Senior National Championship (for players over 50 years old) which will be staged in the Alexandre Bóveda Chess Club in the Galician Brotherhood en Caracas (the oldest Chess Club in Venezuela) From December 08 to 11, another event of great importance will be the IV National Amateur Festival, activity that will be organized by the FVA in the Casa del Ajedrez "Maestro FIDE Oliver Soto Páez" in Barquisimeto, from December 08 to 10.

Let's see next a beautiful Mate problem in 2 moves of the talented Italian-Venezuelan Master Candidate (CM) Giuseppe Abatantuono Lattarulo, lWhite's aces prevail in the position indicated in the Diagram with a paradoxical and instructive attack maneuver.

To see the complete Analysis in the Viewer, check the following Link:

1.Qh3!! (a nice move that decides immediately due to the threat of mate on “f5”, 1.Qf4! is useless? Nxd4 (1…Nd6!; 1…h3!) 2.Rxf5+ Nxf5 3.Qxf5mate; nor 1.Qe5 Kg4!(1…Nxd4!) 2.Bd1+ Ne2 3.Qe3 Nbxd4 4.Rxf5 Nxf5 5.Qf3mate) 1…Nxd4 (1…Rc5 2.Bf7mate using the entire Board; 1…Nf3 2.Qxf3mate with a clean mate; 1…f4 2.Qf5mate;; 1…Nxh3 2.Bd1mate with a deciding retreat; 1…Nd6 2.g4mate the mother principle of the Problem in the words of Abatantuono) 2.g4mate (with an extraordinary shot taking advantage of the dunk theme in this problem composed in El Paraíso in Caracas on December 11, 2021) 1-0

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