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Giri dazzles in Wijk Aan Zee

Enjoy a new installment of "Sembrar Ajedrez" by Juan Armando Röhl

Dutch Grandmaster (GM) Anish Giri has imposed itself superbly on the Tata Steel 2023, after accumulate 8,5 points out of 13 possible and surpass the Uzbek prodigy GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov who led throughout the competition (and who was defeated in the Final Round by tulip GM Jorden Van Forest) and that with 8 points shared second place with the reigning World Champion, the great Norwegian GM Magnus Carlsen (who bounced back resiliently after a bumpy start), The event showed the progress of the emerging generations. In the Challengers Tournament, the German GM Alexander Donchenko won with 10 points out of 12 possible.

The chess activity has started successfully in Greater Caracas, on January 28, it was held in the Room "International Master Antonio Palacios Lanza", headquarters of the Capital District Chess Association (one of the most active in the country), the IRT Fast Doubles “Asoajedrez Caracas”, event where 20 pairs participated, triumph in extremis the Wellness Foundation (integrated by the Master Candidate CM Jesús Molina and the active organizer Pedro José Meneses) with 12 points and a better tiebreaker than The Messi-as (made up of young people from Mirando Sebastián Borges and Angel González),  Gold “A” Pawn (with the district members Aaron Zambrano and Diego Rodríguez) and Brilliant Minds (with the Aragua talents Ali Aaron Jaramillo and Luis Álvarez).

Last Tuesday, January 31, as part of the Celebration of the John Bosco Day, Sport dressed up at the Colegio San Francisco de Sales (The Salesians) of Sarria in Caracas. The Activity included the realization of a Great Simultaneous that had the participation of more than 70 chess players of the renowned capital educational institution, among the Simultaneists highlighted the Master Candidate (CM) Moisés Castro (brand new member of the Creole Olympic Team), the capital talent Aaron Zambrano, (both graduates of the Institution) as well as the talented athletes from Mirandina Catherine Reyes (Under 12 National Champion) and Majeiqueilin Velásquez (Medalist in the Under 14 Category), who demonstrated their excellent positional and combinative skills.

The colorful event was jointly organized by the Technical Academy (ATLAS), the “Peón de Oro” Chess Club, the Accounting Firm Pimentel & Asociados and the Chess Associations of the Capital District and Miranda and is part of a Pilot Plan for the development and application of the Resolution approved in 2005 related to the teaching of Chess in the Venezuelan Education and included the realization of an Internal Tournament under the Swiss System to 5 Rounds.

Among the attending Personalities stood out the Father Yhoan Castro, (College Director), Professor Tibisay Betancourt (Promoter of discipline in the Institution)Professor Solymar Hernández (Cultural Coordinator), Mr. Giovanni Hernandez (President of AsoAjedrez DC), the International Referee Geber Diaz (Asoajedrez Miranda), Mr. Renny Zambrano (President of the Club Peón de Oro), the TSU Jesus Antonio Pimentel Barreto (Great Patron of Venezuelan crafts), National Referees Willy Ríos and Abraham Piñango, Professor Dionisio López (Great Promoter of discipline in the Guarenas-Guatire axis) as well as the National Master Alejandro Salcedo and the International Master Juan Röhl (First Board of the National Team at the Chennai Olympics in India in 2022), who joined efforts and wills to continue with the Sowing of Chess in Venezuelan children and youth.

Among the most outstanding Athletes in the Simultaneous were the young promises of the Game-Science: Santiago Díaz, Fabian Pizzano, Mauricio Revilla, Jhovanni Rivas, Adrián Vergara, Jesús López, Ayran Dorta, Pedro Jaspe, Eliana Zambrano, Alejandro Uzcátegui and Angel Toro who each received Medals for their excellent performance during the Activity.

The Salesian Schools are inspired by Don Juan Bosco (1815-1888) based on their eagerness to protect the youngest and most needy, through the development of Virtue and Educationand with the fundamental motto of the Kindness (based on the teachings and life of Saint Francis de Sales 1567-1622) and which is present in more than 125 countries. Chess Classes are expected to start soon as part of the Project in the aforementioned Catholic-educational institution and which hopes to be replicated nationwide.

also organized a Single Tournament which had as winners Cristian Ocando in the Under 16 Category, Sebastián Carrillo in the Sub 14, Liam Moncada in a Sub 12 and Eliana Zambrano as the Best Lady.

Let's see next an excellent Mate Problem in 4 moves of the wonderful Italian-Venezuelan CM Giuseppe Abatantuono Lattarulo, White prevails in the position indicated in the Diagram with a precise and instructive attack maneuver.

You can see the complete Analysis in the following link with Viewer:

1.Qa4!! (a portentous move that leads to success with the threat of mate starting on the “d7” square and that shows the power of the Queen, does not work 1.Qc3?? Bxc3 2.Ne3+ Kf4 3.Nd5+ Kg4 4.Ne3+ only gives Neither 1.Qxb2?? f1=Q (1…Bxb2?? 2.e3mate) ; 1.Qb4?! f1=Q 2.Ne3+ Kf4 3.Nxf1+-, nor 1.Qa6 is not good to fulfill the goal either ?!Nxc4??a) 1…f1=Q 2.Qc8+ Kf4 (2…Qf5+ 3.Qxf5mate) 3.Qf5mate; b) 1…Nxd1 2.Qc8+ Kf4 3.Qf5mate; c) 1…Be3 2.Qc8+ Kf4 3.Qf5mate; d) 1…Kf4!! 2.e3+ Bxe3 3.Qc8 Rg4+ 4.Bxg4 Ng7 5.Qf8+ Kxg4 (5…Nf5 6.Qxf5mate) 6.Nxe3+ Kh4 7.Qxf2mate (7.Qf6mate; 7.De7mate; 7.Qd8mate) ; 2.e3mate; after 1.Ne3+!? Kf4 (1…Bxe3 2.Qb4+ Bd4 (2…Bf4 3.Qe4! Ng7 4.Qf3mate) 3.Qd2!! Be3 4.Qxe3 Nxd1 5.Qg5mate) 2.Nd5+ Kg4 3.Qa6 f1D 4.Qc8+ Qf5+ 5. Qxf5mate; if 1.Qa2 Kf4!] 1… Kf4 (if 1…Nxc4 2.e3mate, 1…f1=Q 2.Qd7+! Qf5+ (2…Kf4 3.Qf5mate) 3.Qxf5mate; 1…Nxa4 2.e3mate; 1…Nf6 2.e3+ Nxd1 3.Qxd1mate; 1 …Bc5 2.Nxe5mate (2.Ne3mate)  2.e3+!! (A beautiful sacrifice of a pawn that inaugurates new avenues of attack) 2…Bxe3 3.Nb6+!! (a wonderful discovered check that decides after) 3… Nxa4 (3…e4 4.Dxe4mate; 3…Cc4 4.Cd5mate; 3…Ad4 4.Cd5mate) 4.Nd5mate (Problem composed by Maestro Giuseppe in El Paraíso in Caracas on January 23, 2023) 1-0

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