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Chess with class in Maturín

Enjoy a new installment of "Sembrar Ajedrez" by Juan Armando Röhl

Venezuelan sport dressed up with the successful completion of National Children's Chess Championship in the city of Maturín. The Hotel San Miguel Golf&Club received 313 young talents from more than 22 states y who were showing their great positional and combinative skills, The Lara delegation succeeded in great form in the all event for the second consecutive year followed by the emerging Barinas and third Miranda, who performed well and decently.

The events were organized in an extraordinary way by the Venezuelan Chess Federation (FVA) led by the International Master (IM) and Economist Johan Álvarez and that they showed a high logistical level that left all the participants pleasantly impressed., especially to the future National Chess Masters, to their Coaches and Family Members and Representatives.

Here at the Under 8 Female category I destroy the Arantza Molina from Trujillo with 7 out of 7, in the Absolute Sub 8 defeated Fabian Pérez from Anzoatiguense with 6,5 out of 7, in the Sub 10 Female shine the Barinese Raudymar Cuevas with 7 out of 7, In the Absolute Sub 10, Luis García from Lara stood out with 7 out of 7.

Here at the 12 Sub Female trump the Larense Marcela Vergara with 6,5 out of 7, in the Sub12 Absolute wonder the tachirense Santiago Ortega with 7 out of 7, In the Sub 14 Female triumph the Falconian María Duran with 6 de 7 and in the Sub 14 Absolute Christian Allen from Mirandino with 6 points.

An event of great relevance that is being announced is the Chess Festival "Hundredth Third Anniversary of GM Julio Bolbochan", which will take place in the Galician Brotherhood of Venezuela from March 31 to April 04 and is organized by the "Alexandre Bóveda" Chess Club and has the support of the Simón Bolívar University Chess Club and will have the endorsement of the FVA and the Capital District Chess Association as well as the Fundación Normas de Ajedrez and AJEVEN.

About the event will recognize the great chess career of the Argentine GMI Don Julio Bolbochan, Don Julio as he was affectionately known, who was born in the Barraca sector in the city of Buenos Aires on March 20, 1920, he learned Chess from his brother Jacobo, Strong Master who integrated the Argentine Olympic team and who helped in the analysis of the games postponed at 12 years of age, a true feat.

His sporting achievements are extraordinary, Argentine Champion in 1946 and 1948, South American Champion in 1951 and 1960, won a Gold Medal at the 1950 Olympics held in Dubrovnik and a Silver Medal in 1954 in Amsterdam, tied a Match with Soviet GM Paul Keres in 1954.

I emigrate to Venezuela in 1976 where he consolidated as a World Class Trainer (he had already helped GM Oscar Panno in 1953 to win the Junior World Cup) and contributed significantly to the development of Venezuelan Chess, he died in Caracas on June 26, 1996, leaving a great chess legacy in our country. He was recognized by multiple high-level international players as one of the great world-class analysts.

The Festival will consist of two tournaments valid for the FIDE Rating:

1. Classic 90-minute tournament with 30-second increment, to be played between March 31 and April 3, 2023.

2. Blitz Tournament of 3 minutes with 2 seconds increment, to be played on the afternoon of April 3, 2023.

For more information contact the National Master Angel Renato Matos by phone number 04241853480 or by mail [email protected], there will be a Special prize for the best Combination of the Tournament with Jury made up of a group of Venezuelan Chess personalities.

Let's see below a instructive Study of the brilliant Italian-Venezuelan Master Candidate (CM) Giuseppe Abatantuono Lattarulo, White prevails in the position indicated in the Diagram with a precise attack maneuver.

1.Bf6 !! (an excellent move that is the start of white's winning plan) 1…Bb1+!? (a curious defensive resource, they lose 1…Qxh2 2.Rd8mate; 1…Kg8 2.Rh8mate; 1…Ke8 2.Rd8mate; 1…Qxd6 2.Rh8mate; 1…Qe5 2.Rh8mate) 2.Kb2!! (loses 2.Ka1?? Qxa3+! 3.Kxb1 f1=Q+) 2…De5+!? 3.Axe5 f1=D 4.Af6!! (white uses the same Stratagem again) 4…Qb5+ 5.Ka1!! (and white wins thanks to Zugzwang in this Study dedicated by Master Abatantuono to the young promises of Venezuelan chess who participated in Maturín and that it was composed in El Paraíso in Caracas on November 12, 2022)

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