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Caruana prevails with class in Bucharest

Enjoy a new installment of "Sembrar Ajedrez" by Juan Armando Röhl

The American Grandmaster (GM) Fabiano Luigi Caruana has imposed himself in a solvent way in the Superbet Chess Classic, event that kicks off the Chess Tour 2023 and that took place in the mythical city of Bucharest in Romania, the talent of Italian origin finished undefeated with 5,5 out of 9 possible, GMs Wesley So from the USA (of Filipino origin), Richard Rapport from Romania (8 of Hungarian origin), Anish Giri from the Netherlands and Alireza Firouzja from France (of Iranian origin) tied for second place with 5 points.

I also participated in the event the new World Champion, Chinese GM Ding Liren, who accused an enormous fatigue and with 4 of 9 occupied a discreet eighth place, in the same line was the Russian GM Ian Nepomniatchi, World Runner-up, who only scored 3,5 out of 9, losing his clashes with GMs Caruana, Firouzja and the Polish Jan Duda, Let's hope for a speedy recovery of two of the top figures in world Chess.

At the national level, the surprise victory of the Candidate for Master (CM) from the capital Gerardo Marín in the IRT Rápido Tournament "Mother's Day", after accumulating 6 points out of 7 possible and winning the tiebreaker the emerging talent from Aragón Ali Jaramillo and the talented International Master (IM) barines Félix Ynojosa, The event was organized in an exemplary manner by the DC Chess Association and was refereed by experienced International Arbitrator (AI) José Luis Guilarte and National Arbitrator (AN) Willy Ríos.

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Chess dressed up as a party with the start of the Cadet and Junior National Championships, events that began yesterday in the Chess Room "FIDE Master Oliver Soto Páez" located in the Villa Bolivariana in Barquisimeto, It is organized jointly by the Lara State Chess Association and the Venezuelan Chess Federation (FVA) led by the Carabobeño International Master Johann Álvarez Márquez.

The colorful activity features the Participation of 187 chess players from all Regions of the Country, our next representatives will come out of the event in international events of the Sub 16 and Sub 18 Categories, A tough fight is expected with the presence of the best emerging talents in the Country, from this space we wish the greatest success to all the Participants and Organizers.

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Today it will be taking place on the well-known platform el Online Chess Tournament Pre IRT “Sol Aponte”, event that will take place from 8 pm and that he will pay Tribute to a Great Venezuelan Woman, Mother of MI Félix Ynojosa, one of the most talented players in the history of Venezuelan chess and who recently won the Gold Medal for Venezuela at the ALBA Games and a serious candidate to obtain the title of International Grandmaster (for which he needs to bring his ELO FIDE to 2500 points), For more information contact by phone 0412-5326896, There will be special Awards both in the General and by Categories, with classes with the MI Ynojosa and with the CMs Samid Escalona Landi and Jesús Molina, prior to the On-Site IRT “Sol Aponte” Tournament to be held on May 27 at the UNELLEZ Headquarters in Barinas.

Let's see below a Elegant Mate problem in 3 moves by the great Italian-Venezuelan CM Giuseppe Abatantuono Lattarulo, White prevails in the position indicated in the Diagram with an instructive Attack Stratagem that shows the beauty of the board in a thousand shapes and a thousand colors.

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1.Aa6 !! (a precise move that leads the Zugzwang, only leads to mate in 5 moves 1.Bc6!? bxc6 2.b7+ Ka7 3.b8=Q+ Ka6 4.Nc4 Bg1 5.Qb7mate; 1.Bc4!? this interesting move mates only in 4 moves after 1…Bg1 2.Bd5 Bxb6 3.Nb5 Bg1 4.Bxb7mate) 1…Bxb6 (1…bxa6 2.b7+ Ka7 3.b8=Qmate; 1…Bg1 2.Bxb7mate shoots straight) 2.Axb7+ Ra7 3.Cb5mate (with an excellent teamwork of this Problem composed by Maestro Giuseppe in El Paraíso in Caracas on September 09, 2022) 1-0

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