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Holland brings together the elite of Chess

Enjoy a new installment of "Sembrar Ajedrez" by Juan Armando Röhl

A new year begins in the World of Sport, andl Chess starts with Tata Steel 2023, great sporting event that will take place in the coastal Dutch city of Wijk Aan Zee, The world elite led by the still World Champion, the Norwegian Grand Master (GM) Magnus Carlsen will be present in what is considered the best Chess Tournament today.

He will be accompanied by a host of young figures among which stand out, Indian GMs Dommaraju Gukesh, Arjun Erigaisi and Praggnanandhaa, as well as German Vincent Keymer and Uzbek Nodirbek Abdusattorov.

World competitive Chess has undergone many changes in recent years, the irruption of a powerful generation of chess players from emerging nations in the context of the Science Game such as India, China, Uzbekistan and Iran and at the Latin American level the efforts in Countries such as Peru and Colombia, who have Trainers recognized as the Russian-Peruvian GM Georgui Kastanieda and Colombian FIDE Master (MF) Faiber Lotero, both have contributed to the detection and development of great emerging figures of Chess in the continent with experiences such as the “Road to Great Mastery” Project, promoted by the Colombian Chess Federation.

Tomorrow it will be taking place in Caracas, the Annual Assembly of the Venezuelan Chess Federation (FVA), key activity for the development of the Programming of Activities for the year 2023 as well as the evaluation of the results of the year 2022 and the approval of the Report and Account, from this space we wish you the best of success in such an important event where the strategic guidelines for the massification, development and sowing of our beloved discipline throughout the country will be defined.

Some important news from the International Chess Federation (FIDE) announces the continuation of its Veterans Support Plan (players, organizers, coaches and prominent people in the World of Chess over 65 years of age), they can send by the Federations, Clubs and Players, the Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the following email address: [email protected]

Next January 29 begins in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, the Chess Olympiads for People with Disabilities, will be played under the System by Teams to Boards with a maximum of 30 teams, The Cuban teams are registered for America (fourth in the Ranking with an ELO Average of 2124), Venezuela (11th in the Ranking with 1931) and Panama (19th with 1457 Average), We wish the greatest success to the Creole delegation that has the presence of the Pan American Champion, the Zulian CM Harlen Otero and that is trained by the FIDE Master from the capital José Arturo Torres.

Let's see below a beautiful Study of the Italian-Venezuelan Master Candidate (CM) Giuseppe Abatantuono Lattarulo, White prevails in the position indicated in the Diagram applying the theme of Domination in Endgames.

The complete Analysis of the Study can be reviewed at the following link:

1.Nc6+!! (a precise move that is the beginning of the Winning Plan, 1.Bf5?? for c5!! is useless and Black ties with this hidden black defensive resource 2.Bxd7 cxd4 3.Bf5) 1… Rc8 (after 1…Ka8 2.Bf5!! with a nice Zugzwang 2…Rg7 (2…Rd8 3.Nxd8 c6 4.Nxc6 d5 5.Bc8 d4 6.Bb7mate) 3.Bc8 Rg8 4.Bb7mate with a perfect attacking harmony ) 2.Bf5 !! (also wins 2.Ka7!! Rg7 3.Bf5+ Rd7 4.Nb8 with win similar to the main line) 2…d5 3.Ka7!! (the king attacking) 3…d4 4.Cb8! d3 (if 4…Kd8 5.Nxd7 Ke7 6.Ka6!! Kd6 7.Kb5 Kd5 8.Nc5!! with an impregnable fortress for the minor pieces and the white King) 5.Nxd7! d2 6.Nxf6+ Kd8 7.Bg4!! (and in the words of Master Abatantuono: “Teaches the Art of the Finishing Attack”, of this Problem composed in El Paraíso in Caracas on March 14, 2022, 7.Ac2! win anyway)  1-0

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