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Escalona prevails in Barinas

Enjoy a new installment of "Sowing Chess" by Juan Rohl

The talented Master Candidate (CM) Samid Escalona Landi has stood out in the ITT Blitz “Sol Aponte”, the Olympian accumulated 10,5 points out of 11 possible, second was the International Master (IM) from Barinés Félix Ynojosa with 10 points, third was Dilson Peña from Lara with 8 points, fourth was Alejandro Rumbos from Barin (recent Under 18 National Champion) and in fifth place there was a tie between Brayan Plaza from Barin and Ali Jaramillo from Aragon with 7,5 points, The event was effectively organized by Ronald Diaz, president of the Barinas State Chess Association, Argenis Briceño and José Ayala were Arbitrated and had the participation of 55 chess players from 5 states, Professor Argenis was present for UNELLEZ Aldarozo.

Other Awards of the event that paid a fair Tribute to the great woman that Sol Aponte, was the best UR obtained by Adronias Delgado, the best Sub 16 Mauricio Vivas followed by Jheremias Colmenarez, in the Sub 14 triumph Alejandro Monsalve followed by Alejandro Viera and in the Sub10 the young talent Néstor Jauregui followed by Leonardo Murcia. In the Women's category, the talented Estefani Sánchez, María Aguilar, Franyinet Franco and Ivana Moreno triumphed. The Board of Asoaajedrez Barinas was present with the presence of Yan Colmenares, Sandra Viera and Gerardo Herrera.

Today begins at the Alejandro de Humboldt University at its headquarters in Plaza Venezuela in Caracas, the IRT Open "Liga Universitaria de Venezuela", an event that will be taking place from 9 am under the Swiss System to 7 Rounds with a time of 60 minute reflection with 30 second increment per play. It is organized by the Master of Science (MSc) Miguel Sotomayor and will be seconded by the International Referee (AI) Geber Díaz and the FIDE Master (MF) Alexander Hernández, for more information call 0424 1388406 and will have the presence of the talented CM Moisés Castro, Member of the Venezuelan Olympic Team.

Sad news for Venezuelan Chess was the death of National Master (NM) Orlando Rodríguez (1960-2023), Division General and president of the ALAS Company. Rodríguez was an enthusiastic player who demonstrated his chess talent in different national competitions, contributing to the development of the discipline in different corners of the national territory, getting to participate in the Final of the National Championship of the year 2018.

Tomorrow the District School Check-up begins at the Casa de las Letras located at the Veroes Corner of the central Urdaneta Avenue between Plaza Bolívar and the National Pantheon starting at 10 am, the event will define the representatives heading to the "National Festival Escolar”, a great event that will take place in Barquisimeto from June 21 to 25, from this space we wish the greatest success to the brave district athletes, it is coordinated by the Capital District Chess Association.

Let's see below an instructive Study of the brilliant Italian-Venezuelan CM Giuseppe Abatantuono Lattarulo, Black prevails in the position indicated in the Diagram with a didactic positional attack maneuver.

To see the complete Analysis please check the following Link: https://share.chessbase.com/SharedGames/share/?p=JSrs9anT6wr8JlGx6lYmMcHHFYRFwhTWszHWZ+8cWUxb9nIDPWm03j7K0eXr7IkI

1…a1=Q (the beginning of the winning plan) 2.Kc7 (if 2.Kd7 Qf6! 3.Ke8 (3.Kc7 Qe6! 4.Kb7 Qd6 5.Ka7 Qc6 6.Kb8 Qd7 7.Ka8 Qc7) 3… Qg7;2.Kb7 Qc3 3.Kb6 Qc4 4.Ka5 Qb3 5.Ka6 Qb4 6.Ka7 Qb5 7.Ka8 Qb6;if 2.Kb8 Qc3!;2.Kd8 Qa7 (2…Qg7!?) 3.Kc8 Qe7 4 .Kb8 Qd7 5.Ka8 Qc7!wins) 2…Qa6!! (an excellent move that starts the geometric winning plan, also wins 2…Qf6 3.Kd7 Qb6 4.Ke7 Qc6 5.Kf7 Qd6 6.Kg7 Qe6 7.Kh7 Qf6 8.Kg8 Qe7 9.Kh8 Qf7 10.Nd4 (10. Nd3 Qxf3;10.Ng5 Qf6+) 10…Qf6+) 3.Kd7 Qf6! (and we place our Queen at Knight's distance from the enemy King, which leads mathematically to victory after) 4.Kc7 Qe6! 5.Kb7 Qd6 6.Ka7 Qc6 7.Kb8 Qd7 8.Ka8 Qc7!! (which achieves the coveted Zugzwang and wins after forcing the white knights to move 9.Ng5 Qa5+; 9.Nd2 Qd8+; 9.Nd3 Qd8+) 9…Qd8+! (who wins in this excellent Study composed by Master Abatantuono in paradise in Caracas on May 25, 2023) 0-1

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