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Cuba prevails in Qualifying

Enjoy a new installment of "Sembrar Ajedrez" by Juan Armando Röhl

The powerful Cuban team, led by the talented International Grand Master (GM) Carlos Albornoz has successfully won the Qualifying Tournament for the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games that will take place in the city of San Salvador from June 23 to July 08. Two events were held that had the endorsement of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) and FIDE America, two Hybrid Tournaments that were played on January 21 and 22 through the Platform

In the individual absolute event imposed Albornoz with 9,5 points out of 11 possible (Demonstrating an excellent level and thanks to the Training of the renowned Trainer, the Colombian FIDE Master Faiber Lotero), in second place there was a triple tie with 7,5, The fast Colombian International Master (IM) Esteban Valderrama was second by tiebreaker. (one of the fastest on the Continent), 18-year-old Colombian GM José Cardoso and Cuban GM Luis Quesada, for our country participated the IM Félix Ynojosa who achieved 6,5 points and ranked 11th and Master Candidate (CM) Samid Escalona who ranked 6th with 16 points.

The women's event had the dominance of the Cuban Grand Master (WGM) Yaniela Forgas with 9,5 points out of 11 possible, they followed tied with 8 points FIDE Master (MF) Danitza Vásquez from Puerto Rico who beat the Colombian International Master (WIM) Jenny Chirivi in ​​the tiebreaker, the Venezuelan tricolor had the outstanding presence of the WFM Annyd Otazo, who with 6,5 achieved ninth place, and Vicmary Pérez from Miranda's WFM, who ranked 5,5th with 17..

The event classified the 15 best countries in the area for the event that will take place in the coming month of June, By teams Cuba dominated both events, Colombia in both was second, in the Absolute Mexico achieved third place and in the Women's Puerto Rico, Venezuela was sixth in the Absolute classification and seventh in the Women's, from this space We wish the best of success for the demanding event in the Central American country and that the Venezuelan Pavilion achieves an excellent preparation and final classification.

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Another good news for the National Chess, It is the confirmation of the trip of the Venezuelan team to the First Chess Olympics for People with Disabilities thanks to the support of the Venezuelan Chess Federation (FVA), event that will take place from January 29 to February 05 in the city of Belgrade in Serbia. The Venezuelan Team is made up of the Zulian Master Harlan Otero accompanied by the Falconian Víctor Abiad, the Carabobeño Edgar Rivas and the Zulian Henry Monterrey, they are accompanied as Coach by the MF José Arturo Torres from the capital and the Federation José Luis González from the Monagas State, From this space we wish you the greatest success for the National delegation and obtain an excellent performance in such a great sporting event.

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Let's see below a excellent Mate problem in 2 moves of the great Italian CMVenezuelan Giuseppe Abatantuono Lattarulo, White prevails in the position indicated in the Diagram with an excellent attacking move.

The complete Analysis can be seen in the following Viewer:

1.Rh3!! (an exquisite move that is the only one that leads to White's finish, it only mates in 3 1.Rexe4!? Bxe4 2.e3+ Bf3 3.Bxf3mate, after 1.Rg3!? Nxg3! 2.e3+ Ne2 3.Bxe2mate; 1 .Ted3!? Nf2!(1…exd3?? 2.e4mate!) 2.Kf5 h3 3.Rxh3+ Nxh3 4.e3mate;1.Rc3 e3 (1…Nf2!? 2.Kf5 h3 3.Rxh3+ Nxh3 4.g4mate (4.e3mate) ) 2.Rc5+ Bd5 3.Rcxd5mate!?]) 1…e3 (if 1…Ng3 2.Rxh4mate; 1…Kg4 2.e3mate, 1…Bg3 2.e3mate; 1…Bd5 2.e3mate; 1…Bc6 2.e3mate; 1…Bb7 2.e3mate; 1…Nf2 2.Rxh4mate ;1…Bf2 2.e3mate) 2.g4mate (with a beautiful white auction of this Problem composed in El Paraíso in Caracas on December 15, 2021) 1-0

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