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Caracas receives young talents

The Galician Brotherhood will dress up as a party to receive in its Great Hall, the best emerging talents of Venezuelan chess, the National Youth Championships in both the Female and Absolute categories will begin next Thursday, September 01 at the well-known Club of the capital. They will be organized by the Venezuelan Chess Federation (FVA) and Asoajedrez DC, the winners will be qualifying to represent Venezuela in different international competitions.

Last week it was held in the Plaza de Los Palos Grandes, an Exhibition Match between the talented Master Candidate (CM) Giuseppe Abatantuono Lattarulo and the strong chess player from the capital Cesar Petit, prevailing with class the experienced Maestro of Italian origin by 3,5 to 0,5. In the usual weekly tournament, the National Expert (EN) Alejandro Salcedo prevailed, second was the Zulian CM Harlen Otero and third was Pedro Meneses from the capital..

The World Cup of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) that takes place in Azerbaijan continues to advance with the victory in the women's event, of the Russian GM Alexandra Goryachkina after beating the talented Bulgarian GM Nurgyul Salimova in the Final. In the absolute event, an even Match is disputed, between the Norwegian GM Magnus Carlsen and the young promise, the Indian GM Praggnanandhaa, who, after the tiebreaker, won the Genius of Tonsberg by 2,5 to 1,5 and thus manage to win for the first time in his successful career and continue to inscribe his name in golden letters in the History of Ancient Sport-Science.

With all success it was carried out in the Merida State Bar Association, the National Sports Games Intercollegiate Lawyers”, after seven rounds, emerged as winner the team of the Capital District with 18 points (integrated by the National Masters MNs Alberto Anzivino and Carlos Castro as well as by Mario Pedroza and the talented chess player Nelson de Lima Salas), second was the host team of Mérida with 17 points (integrated by José Carlos Flores, Estefany Naranjo, Jaiver Molina and Adrián Martínez) and third finished Aragua with 14 points (formed by Aliexer Rosales, Roberto Suarez and Víctor Maldonado).

The great event was organized by FEDEAV and the Merida State Association (directed efficiently by the FIDE Master (MF) Pedro Julio García), acted as Main Referee, FM Omar Sada Borge, seconded by Bairo Blanco and José Daniel Moreno, the best boards were José Carlos Flores with 7 of 7 on the First Board, Roberto Suarez with 5 of 6 on the second Board, Mario Pedroza with 6,5 of 7 on the Third Board and Nelson de Lima with 3 of 3 on the Fourth Board.

The detailed results can be consulted in the following Link:


Venezuelan Chess stood out at the XXXIII Pan American Youth Festival held in the city of Chicago in the United States, the young neo-Spartan talent Juan Pablo Lyon Martínez won the Blitz Tournament in the Under 18 Category with 7,5 out of 9 possible, second was the American Avi Kaplan with 7 points and third he too American MF Andrew Guo with 6,5 points, the young talent from Guairá José Gabriel Casares was in eighth place with 8 points, From this space we send you a Special Congratulatory Message.

The detailed result of the event can be reviewed at the following link:


The weekend will be active throughout the Venezuelan territory, tomorrow it will be played at the headquarters of the Capital District Chess Association, the Chess Room “International Master Antonio Palacios Lanza”, the Rapid Tournament “Aso Ajedrez Caracas” that will be played under the Swiss System to 7 Rounds with a game rhythm of 25 minutes with 10 seconds increment, will be refereed by the experienced International Referee (AI) José Luis Guilarte seconded by the emerging National Referee (AN) Willy Alberto Ríos. In the afternoon from 3:30 pm it will be played in the Plaza de Los Palos Grandes a Blitz Chess Tournament, an activity promoted by Ajedrez en la Plaza and its active leader Asdrúbal Tomas Meza.

For more details, please visit the following link:


Let us see below an instructive Study composed jointly by the great Italian-Venezuelan CM Giuseppe Abatantuono, the young district talent CM Moisés Castro and the International Master (IM) Juan Röhl, Black ties in the position indicated in the Diagram, with a magnificent and exact maneuver.

The full Analysis can be reviewed in the following Viewer:

1…Nc7+!! (only move that brings the Knight closer to the critical zone, loses 1…c2?? for 2.Kf7 c1=Q 3.Bxg7mate with a nice white finisher; 1…Kg6?? 2.f5+ Kh6 3.Kf7 c2 4.Bxg7mate ;1…Nc5+?? 2.Kf7 Ne6 3.dxe6 c2 4.Bxg7mate) 2.Kf7! (threatening mate) 2… Ne8 !! (a powerful resource that saves the game after 2…Ne6?? 3.dxe6 c2 4.Bxg7mate) 3.f5 !? (3.Be7!? Nf6! 4.Bf8 with repeat moves 4…Ne8 5.f5 c2 6.f6 c1=Q 7.fxg7 Qc7+ (7…Qf1+ 8.Kxe8 Qf7+!!) 8.Kxe8 Qf7+!! with a nice draw, 3.Kxe8!? Kg6!(3…c2?? 4.Kf7 c1=Q 5.Bxg7mate) 4.fxe5!!, a curious Stratagem that equalizes after a) 4.f5+?? Kxf5 5.Bxd6 c2 wins; b) 4.Ke7? exf4!! (4…Kf5?! 5.fxe5 c2 (5…dxe5 6.d6 c2 7.d7 c1=Q 8.d8=Q wins) 6.exd6 c1=Q 7.d7 Qxa3+ equalizes) 5.exf4 c2 6.Ke6 c1=Q 7.f5+ Kh6 8.Kf7 Qc7+ 9.Be7 e3 10.Ke6 Qxe7+ 11.Kxe7 e2 and Black prevails on the counterattack; 4…c2! 5.exd6! c1Q 6.d7! Qf1!! a dangerous resource for Black (6…Qc7?? 7.Be7!+- (7.d8=Q?? Qf7#; 7.d6 Qc6) ) 7.Bb4! (7.d8Q?? Qf7mate) 7…Qf7+ (7…Qf6!? 8.d6 (8.d8=Q?? Qf7#) 8…h6 9.d8=C Kf5 10.d7 Qg6+ 11.Ke7 Qf6+ 12. Ke8 Qg6+ 13.Kf8 Qf6+ 14.Ke8!matches(14.Nf7?? Ke6! 15.d8=C+!? (15.d8=Q?? Qxf7#) 15…Kd5 and Black wins) 8.Kd8 Qxd5 9 .Kc7!Qf7! with Positional Tables 10.Kc8 Qc4+ 11.Kb7 Qd5+ 12.Kc7) 3…c2 4.f6 (4.Be7!? Nf6 5.Bf8! is a prosaic way to equalize the game) 4…c1=D 5.fxg7 Df1+! (5…Qc7+! also draws) 6.Kxe8 Qf7+!! (with the wonderful theme of the drowned King of this Problem composed by Masters Abatantuono, Castro and Rohl in Caracas on August 22, 2023, it also draws 6…Qb5+! 7.Ke7 Qb7+ 8.Ke6 Qf7+!! 9. Kxf7) 7.Kxf7 ½-½

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