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Game vision | The renewal in the basketball team is promising

Sports cycles, no matter how successful their performers have been, have an expiration date. This is what happens with the basketball team, which has had a time to rejuvenate. After a decade of victorious days, the most prolific for any adult team at this time, the national quintet will initiate a generational change with a view to the 2023 World Cup qualification shared by Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Under the leadership of Néstor “Che” García, Venezuela began a process of transformation of its style of play. It was adapted to the system of Fifa tournaments, where the victory passes through the collective performance, the defensive ability to close the ring and the distribution of offensive responsibilities among all, instead of two or three figures with the best percentage of success.

Commanded by brothers Gregrory and José Vargas, Jesús Marriaga, Néstor Colmenares, Luis Bethelmy, Windy Graterol, Jhon Cox, Heissler Guillent and Gregory Echenique, among other prominent names, Venezuela achieved memorable milestones.

The team was crowned in the Suramericano de Margarita 2014, obtained for the first time the title of champion of the 2015 Fiba America tournament, classified for the second time in history to the Olympic Games, in Rio 2016; And this brilliant generation, led by fellow Argentine coach Fernando Duró, accomplished another feat by leading Venezuela to their fourth world event in the China Cup, where they eliminated the giant and powerful host country and moved on to the next round.

Thanks to the New Talent Development League promoted by Bruno D´ Addezio in his short stint at the Venezuelan Basketball Federation, and which had a correlation in the creation of the new Super League organized by Hanthony Coello, in his role as the new boss of The FVB, Duró has decided to renew the selection.

Without the boards full of imported players, as happened in the Professional Basketball League, in which the hiring and firing of wholesale reinforcements became the most succulent business for many franchises, the Super League has given an opportunity to exhibit and develop the new basqueteros of the selection.

The recent list of 24 players eligible for the next World Cup qualifying windows, to be played on November 26 and 27 in Buenos Aires against Panama, is full of new players such as Arian Amundaray, José Ascanio, Luis Carrillo, Ányelo Cisneros, José Materán and Garly Sojo, the most valuable jewel of this group. A forward with an intimidating verticality to penetrate the rim and overturn it; take bounces on both sides of the court; and owner of an effective medium and long distance throw.

All those attributes on the court served Sojo to earn an invitation to the NBA Development League, where he will polish his game.

Also striking is the addition to this list of the youth Fabrizio Pugliatti and Enrique Medina (17 years old), two of the greatest promises in this phase of renovation, in which not only quality but also height is sought to be able to compete with more options in the Fiba world concert.

The Carabobeño Pugliatti is a 2.01 meter rider who, after competing in the minor teams of Venezuela, joined the Stella Azurra of Italy. The Falconian Medina is a 2,20 meter center that for three years has been completing his training in Argentina.

Both are promises that must be taken calmly, without burdening them with excessive responsibilities. If they manage to consolidate their game, the future of the national team will be more promising.

Exceeding merits to have a first-class international facility

If any national team has made merits to receive the greatest support from state institutions and private companies in the country, it is the men's basketball team.

Since the creation of the Special Basketball League in the XNUMXs by the genius of the late leader, economist and journalist, Leonardo Rodríguez, this sport has taken root in the hearts of all communities.

There is not a single neighborhood in Venezuela where basketball is not the main game. Hence the profusion of basqueteros that emerge every year and now have the opportunity to be exhibited in the Super League teams.

But basketball has not been given all the attention it deserves. National teams do not have an international category facility. If football is going to build a new field in Caracas, basketball has done more than merit to have a national training center

The "Grillo" Vargas must have a big farewell for so much dedication

José Grillo ”“ Vargas is one of the heroes of Venezuelan basketball. For 14 years he was an unmissable player in the national team. His enormous dedication, the cold blood to take the shots in moments in which the pulse becomes shaky and the rim reduces its circumference, made him the captain of the Vinotinto quintet due to sporting merits and unquestionable leadership.

Two-time South American champion and one of the heroes in the gold medal in the Fiba America of Mexico 2017, the number 10 of the team announced this week his retirement from the team.

At 39, he will continue in action in the Basketball Super League with the Spartans of Caracas jersey, but he will no longer be the 10th and captain of the basketball team.

From this rostrum we want to thank "Grillo" for so many moments of joy that he gave with his shots and impossible baskets under the hoop on giant land. The FVB must organize a farewell match for him in style.

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