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Game vision | Andrés Salcedo set the tone with his cultured and ingenious style

Our passion for soccer was born in childhood linked to a refined, cultured and nuanced voice that appeared every Monday afternoon on the now defunct Channel 5 of Venezuela, the so-called cultural television station, which, to fill in its programming, played the games of the by then unknown Bundesliga.

The man who recounted those games, from a country then divided into two halves and which bore the historical discredit of Nazism and the horror of World War II, had no face; it was an invisible figure that seduced with a singular style.

Rather than describe each play as the radio announcers who went to TV, speaking at full speed and counting down to the smallest detail, that voice let the game pass, and narrated-commenting, providing educational touches of an encyclopedic formation, through of which the German people and culture came into the house to share the table.

Thus it was that the most famous German soccer players of the seventies, every Monday punctually scampered around the old Zenith TV, which had to be hit affectionately, when the image was distorted. And those frowning players, powerful and relentless to score goals, the cultured and velvety voice made them familiar, dedicating the most curious and fun rounds to him.

Pierre Littbarski, the very fast and small Cologne midfielder was forever engraved in our memory as “Migajita”; Waldhof Mannheim's impenetrable central defender Paul Steiner became the “Caveman” for his firmness on the last line; and the powerful Bayern Munich striker, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, went down in history as “Little Red Riding Hood”, as a fierce bomber was hiding behind the robust and innocent face of number 9.

Over time we learned that the invisible voice that introduced us to football, through the Bundesliga, and that also entertained our evenings with the narration of the Telemach program, in which paunchy school teachers, housewives and people The common and current of the most diverse cities in Germany were measured in a reality show that awarded prizes for their communities, it was the very narrator from Barranquilla, Andrés Salcedo.

After two decades making a living in Germany, Salcedo returned to his homeland in search of imposing his leisurely style without fanfare; but in Colombia it never had a place in the big media.

Quite the opposite of what happened in Venezuela from the eighties, in which his voice became essential in the country's television media, recounting and commenting on the matches of the Soccer World Cups, the Eurocup and even the Olympic Games of winter.

On one of those occasions when he worked at Televen, Salcedo told us in an interview the adventures of his life as a globetrotter. How a passionate romance took him by boat to Spain, where he starved in Madrid; from the fortune of having worked for 20 years at Transtel in Germany as a translator, narrator and even a supporting actor; and of one of his most conspicuous passions.

Although he had become famous as a soccer storyteller, the sport that really seduced him and knew him ad nauseam was baseball. One of his dreams was to narrate in Venezuela the clash between the eternal rivals Caracas and Magallanes.

That essential figure of world sport was extinguished yesterday in Puerto Colombia, in his native Barranquilla, where a severe heart attack took him at the age of 81. Wherever he goes, his voice will continue on the soccer fields "combing the cornfield."

Elections in the COV were suspended until further notice

The elections of the new authorities of the Venezuelan Olympic Committee, scheduled in principle for last January 5, entered a limbo. The decision of the Electoral Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice to designate a new Electoral Commission ad honoren, made up of five members of the federations, was considered by the directive of the COV, chaired by Eduardo Álvarez, as an “intervention of a sector of the government ”.

For this reason, he sent a letter to the International Olympic Committee, which this week responded through another letter, signed by James Macleod, director of Olympic Solidarity, and Nevec Ilic, president of Panam Sport, in which they recommend “suspending the electoral process in course with immediate effect until the current situation is completely clarified ”.

The IOC promised to inform which Venezuelan federations have international recognition, so that they can participate in the elections of the COV's Board of Directors, which for now have no definitive date.

Cavemen of the ball are the other side of South American football

Andrés Salcedo was not only an excellent storyteller, he also left a written work in which the columns that he wrote for many years in the printed media of Colombia stand out, and that were compiled in the book "The other faces of football", in which analyzes the game and some of the characters that marked his life as a simple fan.

Regarding South American football, Salcedo pointed out in the article "Cavernícolas del Fútbol" that the player in these payments was a "homo sapiens" with a ball. “The South American soccer player has always oscillated between the courteous exquisiteness of the great empires and the absolute barbarism.

In the footballer from this part of the world, two antagonistic forces are struggling to emerge: the inspiration of the artist and the aggressiveness of the carvenícola ”.

And about current football, he assured that it is “something more than a sport. It is national passion, political creed, religion, way of life. And, above all, business. Cold and unforgiving business, in which there is no room for attachment and compassion. In today's football, solvency is the goal that you score

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