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Game vision | The Red of "Sir" Noel exudes modernity

The sensations transmitted by the rematrizado Caracas of Noel Sanvicente are dazzling. For the first time in a long time, the capital's squad has a pair of race forwards, cut to fit the game at full speed that the Reds apply by flashing bursts to impose on the rival field the verticality and forcefulness of the 21-year-old Beninese, Samson Akinyoola, who has revived the memories of the also African Ibrahim Salizú and the dizzying and productive partnership he formed with Jorge “Choco” Giraldo in the times of the wise Manuel Plasencia on the capital bench.

The influence of Sanvicente in Caracas is enormous, without precedent in the country. Saving the distances, he is the Alex Fergunson of national football. Instead of the racist and disqualifying nickname "Chita", it should be given the noble title of "Sir" Noel.

His management is not only reduced to the first team, but also intervenes in the entire rigorous process of training and monitoring of minor categories.

His comprehensive vision of football allowed to change the economic structure of the institution. Caracas went from being a cheerful checkbook team, buyer of the best talents in the country, during the successful patronage of Dr. Guillermo Valentiner, to becoming a club of artisans that meticulously molds its players, to maintain the competitive level, win titles and export to the figures that shine under the baton of the award-winning coach.

In one semester, Sanvicente smoothed out Akinyoola's rough edges. When he arrived at Caracas, he was a forward as fast as he was imprecise, something rough to define, because he was too rushed at the moment of nailing the stiletto. Now he is a fearsome attacker who knows how to take advantage of spaces, cleverly solves individual duels and is generous with the ball to enable his teammates.

The one who has benefited the most from the African's game is Richard Celis. He settled better on the left wing and his chances of shooting on goal increased, thanks to fear and the mess generated by his African partner in the rival area. But the rematrizado Caracas of "Sir" Noel offers more arguments. His SUVs are a consummate expression of modernity.

Jorge Echeverría, Edson Castillo, Miguel Celis and Ghanaian Bonsu Osei press, recover, accelerate or pause the vertical or associative attack and, in addition, provide completion and goals. This Caracas of multiple alternatives in the attack has plenty of punch to reach the final of the championship and conquers the title number 13 in its history in the grand final of the Olympic stadium.

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