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Game vision | Red tears and excess in Bolívar

Gaetano Luongo was one of the most inspiring symbols of the Caracas Fútbol Club. He came to the team at the time of shadows and bad results; in the days of the Caracas Yamaha that was about to disappear at the end of the eighties of the last century, and then lived the most luminous years of the twelve titles, under the aegis of Guillermo Valentiner and the Organización Deportiva Cocodrilos.

His work as head of utility equipment for thirty years was respected and loved by all members of the institution. Gaetano represented the most authentic values ​​of Caracas FC. He exuded commitment, integrity, and a tireless desire for perfection. He arrived at the facilities of Cota 905 at five in the morning to order each uniform and leave everything ready for training and games. He was born in Italy, but from a very young age he arrived in Caracas, where he worked as a shoemaker, a seller of spare parts, motorized, until Manuel Plasencia made him, first, his right hand in the dressing room of the Madeirense and; then, in Los Rojos del Ávila.

A greater pain for Venezuelan soccer was his sudden loss, because despite the health problems he had been suffering, he never wanted to separate from his work in Caracas, where he helped with his example of discipline and work to the professional training of hundreds of players who they went through all the categories of the club. His passion for order and detail was also essential for Caracas to go from obscurity to become the most successful soccer club in Venezuela. His memory will always remain linked to the history of red.

In these days in which covid-19 in its Brazilian variant produces these sadness and farewells, it was a true outburst that the Bolívar Association carried out the electoral process last Monday to elect its authorities. There were plenty of reasons for these elections not to take place. In the first place, the Bolívar Association lacks an administrative ruling from the IND, so its Board of Directors does not have the legal authority to call elections. In doing so, he violated the Sports Law and its Regulations. On Sunday, in addition, President Nicolás Maduro extended the confinement for one more week, due to the increase in cases of covid-19. But in Bolívar no one took it for granted. The Cachamay authorities provided the facilities for the Association to hold the elections, and the Bolívar Sports Institute reacted very late. It published a statement banning the elections, when they had already been held. It is to be expected that the government of Bolívar will sanction the officials who participated in this attack against health.

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