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Game vision | Decision of the Supreme Court urges to start up the Board of IND

The recent decision of the Electoral Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice in relation to the legal situation of the Carabobo Softball Association, obliges the Ministry of Sports to promptly designate the directors of the National Institute of Sports who, in accordance with the Sports Law They must be part of the Board of Directors of this entity.

Last week we warned that the IND Board of Directors has not functioned since 2020; the last meeting was held via the Internet due to the pandemic. Since then, the Board of Directors has not been convened again, because the five directors of the IND who must be part of this executive body must be appointed.

Article 30, numeral 2 of the Sports Law establishes that among the members of the Board of the IND must include: "Five directors of the Institute, appointed or appointed by the Minister of Popular Power with competence in the matter of assignment" .

This means, the Minister of Sports has the legal responsibility of appointing these five directors of the IND to form the new Board of Directors, so that it can be put into operation. None of these five members can occupy the position of director in Mindeporte, because it would violate the Sports Law and invalidate the decisions made by the inedista Board of Directors.

The urgency to reconvene the Board of Directors is also given by the decision taken on October 1 by the Electoral Chamber of the Supreme Court that ruled on a constitutional protection action introduced by the lawyer Carlos Molina, in his capacity as judicial representative of the "Carabobo Softball Association", who requested that this sports entity be recognized by the IND.

Well, in her presentation on the case, Judge Indira Alfonzo Izaguirre declared the request for recognition inadmissible, because this Association did not comply with the "procedures and procedures established in the Law for that purpose." Even more important is the last decision of the magistrate in which she urges the IND to “issue in an expeditious and clear manner the corresponding pronouncements, once the requirements demanded in the current legal system have been reviewed and are in compliance, in order to guarantee the constituent subjects the constitutional right to participation foreseen in article 70 of the Fundamental Charter, in future electoral processes of softball associations and any other discipline ”.

To comply with this decision of the TSJ, the IND must convene the Board of Directors, because as stated in article 31 numeral 6 of the Sports Law, it is the responsibility of this executive body: "Authorize the registration of national sports entities in the National Registry Sports, Physical Activity and Physical Education ”.

President Nicolás Maduro ordered the country's sports authorities to launch the "Olympic Dream France 2024" program, another reason for the Board to resume its work, fulfill its duty to legally recognize the entities promoting sports and approve resources, for athletes and national teams to train and compete in the new cycle.

This legal situation that affects the operation of the IND and the legality of the sports promoting entities is necessary to resolve it without delay or bureaucracy, so that the commitment reaffirmed by the President before the Olympic and Paralympic athletes to continue deepening the institutional and economic support that the Bolivarian government has been giving to the national sport.

Has no one in the FVF noticed the abuses of those who accuse Zseremeta?

The serious complaints made public in a letter signed by Deyna Castellanos and 23 other players of the women's soccer teams, about harassment, psychological abuse and sexual abuse that the former Panamanian coach Keneth Zseremeta would have committed raise many questions about the case. How is it possible that during the 10 years that he was in charge of the women's national teams, from 2003 to 2017, no father or representative of the more than five hundred girls who passed through the national teams denounced the coach's predatory behavior in the FVF? No federation received a single complaint about Zseremeta's work?

The investigation ordered by Prosecutor Tarek William Saab must go beyond Zsremeta. Were your assistants on the coaching staff silent accomplices in these alleged sexual abuses committed by in that decade? What is the responsibility of the FVF in this situation? If Zseremeta is responsible for the allegations, he must legally pay and be suspended from all sporting activities as required in the letter. But like every citizen, you have the right to defense. It is the laws and not the social networks that must proceed to prove their guilt or innocence.

The physical, psychological and sexual violence against underage female athletes has a scandalous precedent with the doctor of the United States national gymnastics team, Larry Nassar. The osteopath who between 1996 and 2014 treated Team USA gymnasts for his ailments and injuries was convicted in 2018 of sexual abuse. In the Netflix documentary "Athlete A" he carefully reviews this terrible case of rapacity.

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