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Game vision | Leo's legacy in La Vinotinto

Leo González's internship in the Vinotinto team must be analyzed far from the passion and simplicity of the results. Seven defeats and one victory is the cold balance left by the statistics.

But the numbers do not explain the circumstances that the Trujillo coach had to face such as the untimely way in which he assumed the leadership of the team due to the departure of Portuguese coach José Peseiro, without training games, with unmotivated players, "injured" or simply without him. vital fire that is required to defend the national team tooth and nail.

The first thing to recognize Leo is his determination to put his chest to the bullets, try to rebuild the bases of the team and return a game identity that was lost since the departure of Richard Páez.

He could have taken the safest path that Peseiro chose in the Copa América and then in the World Cup qualifier in Qatar, after falling in the first game against Colombia.

Put together a five-man defensive block, move back the lines to occupy the spaces with many troops and attack sporadically with long passes from the sides and the occasional arrival of stopped ball.

It wasn't what Leo did. He preferred to fight for the points with his own stamp. He was faithful to his DNA of dominating the rival through possession of the ball and the permanent search for the rival goal.

That was the football that he exhibited on the field as a player, in his days as an exquisite midfielder, and later as a coach in Trujillanos, La Guaira and Deportivo Lara. He did not betray his ideas and took them to the Vinotinto, and despite the fact that all the circumstances were adverse, there were moments of brilliance that should be highlighted.

Leo González's Vinotinto played a great game for Leo Messi's Argentina, until the injury of Sema Velázquez and the expulsion of Luis Adrián Martínez came together on the field to leave the national team handicapped.

He played the best 70 minutes of the World Cup qualifying against Brazil. He controlled green-yellow, canceling his fast transitions, the deployment of his sides and the inner play of his steering wheels.

But it also worried her in the attack to the point of winning the match for the first time in the history of official confrontations between the two teams, with an associated soccer team led by Yeferson Soteldo, another that was later marginalized from the selection for disciplinary reasons.

Leo's interim position enshrined promising central Nahuel Ferraresi in defense, got better performers on the wings with Ronald Hernández and Oscar González, and opened the doors for Eric Ramírez to become the replacement for Salomón Rondón in attack.

Whatever the technician appointed by the FVF for the new cycle, he will have to be required to maintain the idea of ​​proactive football that Leo González's interim legacy leaves behind.

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