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Game vision | Sonia O'Neill sets the style

The right to dream of qualifying for an adult Soccer World Cup is also present in the women's national team that returned to the competition yesterday, after a year of hiatus due to the covid-19 pandemic and the economic difficulties associated with this global calamity. If there is a team that has a real chance of reaching the highest FIFA event, it is this team that Deyna Castellanos continues to lead, accompanied by a very solid group on all lines.

The hand of the new Italian coach Pamela Conti was seen in the first match against Argentina. He gave command of the rear to Sonia O'Neill in a statement of principles of the style of play he wants to implement. A midfielder with great ball control, O'Neill showed his qualities in the back of the court. She was the voice of command to locate her teammates in the retreat, she won by high and low the individual duels she held with the Argentines and it was the first security pass, when Vinotinto decided to get out of the bottom without haste. One of the best plays of the game, this time it was not a cut from Deyna to take out the rivals and put a superb cannon shot, but from O'Neill, He asked for the ball and the high pressure of Argentina was removed, breaking the waist to the forward who tried to snatch the ball from him. All this on the edge of the large area. A play that requires great confidence, cold blood and technical ability to come out playing with the ease of a Franz Beckenbauer.

After so long without playing, the team showed solidity in defense, and a style to build the attack from that first movement of the Scottish Rangers player that are points in favor. The coach must control other aspects of the game. The abuse of the long pass to search for the players above: Mariana Speckmaier, Oriana Altuve and Joemar Guarecuco requires attention and work. Venezuela has a wealth of alternatives in the middle of the field, but it is essential that the ball passes more frequently through Kika Moreno, Yerliane and Deyna, disconnected in long phases. The most relevant actions of the Vinotinto took place in the first half, precisely when the small companies worked and the overflows on the left wing led to the dangerous shots of Speckmaier and Deyna, who flirted with the goal. The definition is a point to be discussed in the next games, as well as the excess of adrenaline in inconsequential actions to divide the ball, which cost Yerliane Moreno the expulsion. Regardless of the result, the important thing is that Venezuela began the demanding route to the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand 2023, where it is possible to get a ticket.

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