sunday, july 3, 2022

with lost joy

Enjoy a new installment of "Camiseta 10" by Cristóbal Guerra

The day of the game against UCV, it was noticed that something was missing in Caracas. Something that has been a traveling companion in all these years of victories, titles and international cups. A link in the triumphal chain of a team that has left indelible marks on the country's football, but now, lost in the intermediate positions of the classification, with only four victories in seventeen games, worries its rivals and saddens its followers.

"What's wrong with Caracas?" They ask, and there is no convincing answer, because things in soccer are often esoteric, spiritual, imaginative. So many versions are argued and said, but none is verified. It cannot be said that the team from the capital wanders around the court like a ghost from the past because it has not come that far, but it is possible to compare this team that has a hard time winning a game with what it had been until recently. very little time…

Because people, and this is inevitable, think of the bright days of Noel Sanvicente. At that time, winning in each game was almost a “no brainer”, as they say, because in addition to a good game, Caracas showed that party, that joy that we have mentioned, and that it was possible to notice in each action, in each player.

Could it be that Francesco Stifano, the current coach, was not awarded the right players? Or was it that the management, in agreement with what the team had been, preferred to stay put and let it sail calmly in the sea of ​​the championship? After a very good performance in the Copa Libertadores, in which access to the second round escaped only in the final match against Atlético Paranaense, the team has experienced low hours in the championship: tenth place and with little chance of attending, back to the international stage. How will you do from here on out? …

It cannot be denied that the arrival of José Pékerman to the Vinotinto team has raised waves of enthusiasm. "Now, yes", is heard in relation to the progress and qualification for the 2026 World Cup. A knowledgeable man, wise in football matters, he tries to fill the traditional gaps of a reality that does not finish forging.

However, because there is always a however, it is doubtful that the coach and his team can leave a school in Venezuela. From Pékerman to the sub 17 all the drivers are Argentine, and therefore the uncertainty about his possible legacy. In any case, it would be necessary to wait, leave optimism and pessimism on the roads, and draw accounts within a prudent time. See you there.  

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