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Two facts to envelop a country

Enjoy a new installment of "Camiseta Diez" by Cristóbal Guerra

It doesn't matter if you choose soccer or baseball among your preferences; It doesn't matter, because the best thing about a Venezuelan fan is his taste for all sports, and he supports them with all his heart. And that's good, because following a sport, as happens with music, makes you leave all the daily anxieties and pending condominium bills aside. That is why in the last days two pieces of news, or two facts to be better said, have shaken the Creole soul. José Néstor Pékerman's resignation from the soccer team was tremendous, because the publicity unleashed around him when he arrived in the country as the savior of Vinotinto, underpinned by his reputation as a great game theoretician, supported everything that was then proclaimed. He already has a substitute, Fernando Batista, from the same group of coaches although without the canopies of that one; perhaps, and quietly, he reaches better ports than his mentor...

And the other shock, with the force of a telluric movement, was drawn with the victories in the World Baseball Classic. This fact has had two effects: above all, the union in a chorus of crowds from all over the country, hallucinated as they have been with the national team. And also, and as a continuation of chapters as in a Netflix series, the Caracas-La Guaira final together with the successful Caribbean Series and the return to baseball as the national sport, the one that is in the veins of the Venezuelan. In short, bittersweet soccer news, without Pékerman but with Batista, and a happy exit from the bats of Baseball Players, who have erased the prejudice in people that the only thing that moves them is money. What's up, they are soul, life and heart with the entire country, because there can be no doubt that they feel and hurt the shirt they wear in every game, in every breath...

And things in sport are changing, they have already changed. For a long time, Colombia was talked about exclusively as a soccer country and Venezuela as a baseball country. Now how hard is it to beat the Colombians in the field of bats and gloves, and how hard is it for them to beat Vinotinto in the field of balls and archery. Today no one can take wins for granted. There are several factors for such effects, but it is indisputable that everything is due to the image, especially television. Taking from here from beyond, emulating styles and concepts, traveling to all corners of the planet and bringing theorists of all kinds, things have been mixing, and now almost everyone is similar to almost everyone. “Temps era temps”, as the Catalans say.

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