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They are driving us crazy

It is Sunday at noon, almost entering the afternoon. We turn on the television to find out what sports programming offers. Coffee in the left hand, remote control in the right. Look at the imaging apparatus. An invader, that's what they've called it and in a certain way that's how it should be. We touch buttons and the expedition begins.

On one channel, the somewhat intemperate voice of an Argentine narrator tells us about a dangerous play in an area of ​​a soccer match, "put it in, kid," and when the seasons change there is a goal in a Colombian soccer match: "the man He became serious, he was no longer playing recocha, no sir”.

And we thought: could it be that television only broadcasts soccer? It seems so, but no. There is a whole variety to please even the most uninformed. We continue on the Sunday journey, television adventure tourism, and we stumble upon a golf tournament in the United States; wow, how well dressed the players look: maybe they have a party at the club after the championship...

The vertigo of a Formula One race surprises us on another channel, although since it is a repetition we already know the results.

However, what does it matter: just seeing the chariots of fire flying over the smoking asphalt is well worth it. Ah, now we come across that sport in vogue, paddle tennis, in which four Spanish players get involved in a great game of great commitment.

We change and there are the huge players shooting with precision from the distance of three points: it is the NBA, an exciting sport in which impossible plays are daily.

Luis Arráez takes turn at bat as líder big league offensive player and it's exciting to watch him swing. He has become a figure of the Miami Marlins, and his presence in the daily lineup has increased attendance at the city stadium.

The expedition continues and a fighter almost lands a right hand on us in a violent mixed martial arts match between two fierce men who seemed ready to fight the lions of the Roman circus, just moments before a boxer dispatches his adversary with an uppercut. liver followed by rectum to chin; ten, twenty, and such has been the blow that the count on the canvas could reach a thousand.

In another ring, four wrestlers mix the colors of their clothing with the circus that tries to make us believe that those devastating blows and spectacular falls are real...

The Sunday walk ends and we want to stop at what we prefer at that moment. Will it be soccer, golf, Formula One, paddle tennis, NBA, baseball, mixed martial arts, boxing, wrestling?

We should thank the wonderful invention called television for being able to send us signals from all over the world. But also, wow, we should tell him that although without intention and with so many sports at the same time, they are not going crazy!

youth to the assault

Recent studies speak of television audience levels, and ensure that day by day young people watch less of the screen in its traditional sense; they prefer alternatives such as Netflix and others of the “streaming” type. However, sports broadcasts are saved from this guillotine, that is, those that we have mentioned in the main text.

The numbers of the so-called "share" or devices turned on grow disproportionately when there is a good football game, for example, especially when it is in the Champions League or when Real Madrid or Barcelona play, not to mention the World Cup.

Of course, this also has to do with the lack of renewal of local channels, punished by the economic situation, stubborn with repetitive and overly watched programming styles, that is, soap operas and musicals that are not in keeping with the current era.


Colors. In those 60s we had to settle for listening to the European Cup on the radio. The advent of television was a miracle, even if it was in black and white.

Fantasy. TV demystified those radio broadcasts, but in a certain way robbed us of the possibility of continuing to imagine the stories of the matches.

1966. The World Cup in England was the first to arrive in images. The video tape had just been invented; We only saw the games three days later.

little mermaid Jules Verne was delirious when he sent a man to the moon by firing a cannon. Fantasizing, in a few years we could see a game from Earth's satellite.

Unexpected. Reviewing the schedule we have come across the Saudi Arabian league. Who would have thought? There is a reason: the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo

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