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T-shirt 10 | What would happen if…?

The future of football is full of those examples. Of football and of all sports. Guys who are called when the flames threaten to consume what is left, but who with the hose of their cool head, of their modesty, put out the fires and give everyone an unexpected tranquility.

Without stridency, without the bustle of novelty, the Federation left in the hands of Leonardo González the management of a patchwork Vinotinto team, a team out in the open after the departure of Portuguese José Peseiro. And this is where the figure of the firefighter enters the scene.

It has not been a matter of looking for the best of the worst but of procuring the man who, within the emergency, can fill the void and get ahead with something that may resemble decorum.

It is not to get out of this as you can, that the days to come go by quickly to return to everyday life; it is at least to leave a trace that says that Leonardo passed through here with the best of intentions ...

But, what would happen if going beyond decorum, minimal compliance, letting go, letting go, the new coach marks a path that makes the federation think? What would happen if…? Nobody is asking for results because that would be a lot to aspire to; rather, nobody is asking anything of him outside of complying, even if it is losing the three games for which he was called, but everything in life has its nuances.

Sure, we wrote this and two out of three have already been played, and if we look at whoever writes has a goal against it, but the risk is part of journalism. We are not siding with Leonardo González, but if we are giving a break to someone who, deep inside, in the depths of his soul, was waiting for such an opportunity in such adverse circumstances as those of today ...

At the end of it all, Venezuelan soccer has always done better when its projects are managed by Venezuelan coaches. The identification, the understanding of values, of ways of being are only understood and processed by the people here, by those trained in a common territory.

González's days at the command of the team may be the definitive consolidation of this idea, the universe that Richard Páez and César Farías created around the player who emerged from the national quarries and who today claims his place.

There is talk of a foreign coach who will come after the game against Paraguay, and that would be to stumble again, a thousand times, with the same stone. Leonardo or whoever, but Venezuelan by the four cardinal points. See you out there.

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