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Segovia to the big leagues

Telasco Segovia's trip to Italy could signal, in the hope of the fans, the beginning of a stampede of Venezuelan players to the major leagues of European soccer.

After being the most brilliant player in the youth championship "Maurice Revello" played in France, from the boot of the Mediterranean they noticed him; They liked him, and the young man changed the Barquisimeto of his affections for the remote and unknown Genoa to undertake the adventure of a more demanding football.

It didn't make sense to think that he was going to be there at once, in the middle of the field striving for balls next to Tomás Rincón, because that was going to be asking too much.

He arrived in Europe, yes, but he still has to mature his ways in the youth ranks of Sampdoria. However, if we take a general look, it had been a long time since a Venezuelan broke the barriers of the country's borders to enroll in a club of a throne circuit; in recent years there has been an unwanted and worrying setback in exports...

An export that experienced moments of luxury in the days of Richard Páez and César Farías, when all those victories in pre-world championships and America's Cups presaged that something big was about to happen.

But, everything was staying lukewarm, in what could have been and was not, and that fragrance of Juan Arango and Salomón Rondón was being lost in an empty space.

Yes, one or another boy has gone out, but none to something older; basically they have been trapped in the networks of utilitarian equipment without much importance, until the appearance of this renewed light, reflected in Segovia; His presence on Italian soil could be the rebirth of a football that is in need of a man to follow and admire...

Today's European football is no longer the "darien" of other times, in which the arrival of a player from this continent was an event with big news noise; Those were times when the clubs of that continent and of South America had become impregnable fortresses.

Today, with the opening of the markets, of the laws that accept players from everywhere and, particularly, the presence and influence of international businessmen, the paths have been opened for soccer players and their nationalities.

That is why taking advantage of this situation of the new times, this open gap in the body of soccer can be generous with Venezuelans. Despite the setbacks in international tournaments, all those ungrateful eliminations, there are still players who could go to tableaus of special importance.

See you there.

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