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Preseason like it's season

Enjoy a new installment of "T-shirt 10" by Cristóbal Guerra

A display of speed, some shocks even in the last corner of the field, dedication and efforts of modern cyclops. Teams from America, the United States, Europe. The uncontrollable shouting of sixty thousand spectators enthuses each game, hugs from the players after each goal, after each victory. And no, we're not reviewing the season, because the real action is about to start; we are talking about the so-called pre-season, which from what we can see, seems like a merciless fight between adversaries who get their teeth into the United States, Thailand, Mexico, Japan, China or Australia in battles without concessions. Why, if they are preparation games, do soccer players indulge in acts of generosity and sweat? What is the reason for almost leaving life in inconsequential chapters? Watching the exhibition games in July and early August can confuse the viewer, such is the determination to win, to go past the rival every afternoon or every night...

The real reason for everything is the world in which we have had to live. Football is a piece of the social fabric and therefore it is not out of that contemporary spirit, good or not so much, of competitiveness. The players kill each other, virtually, because behind them lurk, like beasts hunting for prey, others who are willing to do anything to displace those who defend their causes. And the teams, to get seats, sponsors, people behind, big money. All this involves the so-called preseason, which from what can be seen have become ambushes of soccer players vs soccer players, and teams vs teams...

Until a few years ago, dispatches arrived from the Swiss Alps, the beaches of Italy and the mountains of France, in which they commented on the preparations of Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Juventus, Atlético de Madrid, Inter de Milan, all them and some more. Today these options have remained in the colorful photos of postcards never sent, and in the imagination of those locals who saw them train and now long for them. The big clubs have preferred to show themselves, after the pandemic, to the avid audiences of countries in need of the figures of the football show, who rave as if the world championship were being played in those scenes; They are going to see them, because they don't know if, with the world economic crisis that they say is coming, they are going to return in a long time. Ah, that's where things go, in football and in the ins and outs of life itself.

See you there.

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